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Would you invest in yourself for a cell phone decision?  Meaning, if you could have your own business for the cost of a cell phone would you? I did and didn't use is at first. I didn't know what I was signing up for but I knew it was all mine, a travel company. It was worth it just for the discounts, why because I  easily waste that much a month on dumb stuff, so why not be able to travel at cheaper rates. Then I didn't use, I didn't have the time. I was working as an agm for convenience store 45-50 hours a week. I didn't want to come home and go to meetings, host travel parties, get on the calls.  I was tired.

 Then I viewed Steve Harvey's jump video. He basically said you don't know what God has planned for you but you'll never know unless you try. Failure is a part of success. Either way right now im failing. The 40/ 40/ 40 plan is not in my favor. Yes, I have a 401k but what if i make it past eighty then what. Now the lights going off in my head. I'm not appreciated here, I'm working this hard for a fifty cent raise and no way to advance because "Hey who am I kidding" I don't want to be a gm of convenience store anyway. That week I gave my two weeks. I'm educated, I'm young and I have my own business. Why work that hard for them, when I can work that hard for me, try atleast. I know there's money out there, I seen my leaders make it. Besides,  who doesn't like to travel.

If I told you you could travel more and save would you? That's the customer.  What if I told you, you could travel more, save more and make more? How's that sound. That's the distrubutor.  So if all you want is travel, a membership is $360. If you want to make money traveling and referring the membership it's $399. In both cases there is $59.99 monthly  overhead  unless you refer three people and they remain active. 

For the month of March were celebrating our one year anniversary.  Let me give you a free birthday gift.  Limited time only log on to my and register for a $500 travel credit.  

Happy traveling. 

To view what the membership watch below:

This article was published on 06.02.2016 by Diane Taliferro
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Dwight Alston I enjoyed your article. I love that Steve Harvey video Jump.   6 years ago

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