100% Matching Commissions? No Recruiting?


Ok firstly yes 100% matching commissions is correct (not 20/30/50) and yes for those people who find it difficult to recruit a system that will generate signups for them.

Hopefully you have a successful business that has exceeded your expectations; one of the biggest minefields with any business format is recruiting and on-going communications with potentially new and established team members.

Video is king and projected to outperform all forms of media in the near future, video communications to tablets and cell phones is an exponentially growing market sector.

A company that has provided services in a direct sale scenario for many years has combined the power of their tools with a fantastic network pay structure.

We all know the problems with many opportunities in relation to the products or services they offer, the truth is, in order to sustain any type of income in any MLM/Network opportunity you require products or services that are:

1) Affordable for the average consumer.

2) Pay HUGE commission to affiliates.

3) Highly consumable.

4) Unique (give you the edge).

They include:

Audio Video Conference. Webcam streaming app for websites/Facebook

Website Communicator. Conferencing / webcasting service

Video Email. Video email postcards program

Video APP System. Mobile app for customer communication.

Sold separately they stand alone, combined they provide true value and a real opportunity. Why pay $£?? Per month for a conferencing platform when you can access a state of the art one and get paid for it?

As mentioned the tools are now linked to a superb business plan to include:

A 3x8 Forced Matrix.

NO REFERRING requirements to earn in the matrix.

Positions are filled in your matrix

A complete 3x8 Matrix earns $32,817 per month!

For the builders out there:

Earn 100% Matching Commissions.

Fast Start Bonuses

100% Coded Bonuses.


The opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per month in additional


Why I joined, simply the tools are excellent and I utilise them in many business formats, easy to use and explain to end-users and potential new team members.

The two guys above me have over 17 years network experience and have helped recruit over 500,000 people into various business’s, simply they have systems and know want they are doing.

Regardless of the potential financial opportunity available I will happily pay for the tools as a standalone product but believe the business will become my main source of income for many years.

Please take a quick look at:


I would love to see you on a webinar to get a full overview.

This article was published on 25.04.2016 by Paul Biddle
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