The internet has fast-driven our generation to the digital age but then, digitization has its own merits and demerits. The blockchain, 5G and Artificial Intelligence have constantly occupied media headlines and are definitely the hallmarks of our collective intelligence as human beings.

With powerful innovations in place for wealth-creation, 2020 is another year of Defi programs.

I will like to talk to you about a smart contract programme where you could earn up to 1500ETH Every 100 days just with a single activation fee of $5 worth of Ethereum. 1500 ETH is about 241,600USD.

This programme is purely application mathematics and revolved around the funding principle often seen in communities.

According to its website, there are over 56540 participants, 97885 total transactions, 5743 ETH in circulation and 3179 transactions in 24 hours as at time of making this announcement.

The Programme is aimed to reduce risks to almost zero and specifically said its system cannot be hacked as it is impossible to change the Algorithm that runs it. Cheating or scam is also excluded as far as the system algorithm is concerned.

 This programme is called MillionMoney.

MillionMoney is a smart contract on Ethereum blockchain; an application code aimed at wealth redistribution. It offers a service which can strongly sustain it as far as numbers are concerned---- a referral system based on forced binary matrix.

Though based on Ethereum blockchain, it has a site to provide an interface for an effective working relationship with the smart contract.

Millionmoney is entirely automated thus it has no central administrator or authority: It does not hold funds but serve as an axis to transmit funds amongst the participants. It is absolutely transparent as every transaction can be viewed on Ethereum blockchain. It also lacks the function of taking out funds to your balance.

The advanced technology implemented in the smart contract enables every participant to have an honest income in an open and transparent system

                                   REFERRAL LEVELS

MillionMoney has ten referral levels: Level 1 to 10. Each level corresponds to a specific number of partners at a specific time. Funding amount differs in all levels and so it is with the profit at each level:

1                 0.03                            2                                               0.06                               0.01ETH/$1
2                 0.05                            4                                                 0.2                               0.11ETH/$16
3                 0.01                            8                                                 0.8                               0.51ETH/$74
4                  0.4                           16                                                 6.4                               5.91ETH/$859
5                  1.0                           32                                                  32                             35.4ETH/$5145
6                  2.5                              2                                                    5                            34.4ETH/$4999
7                  5.0                              4                                                  20                            45.4ETH/$6598
8                  10.0                            8                                                  80                          105.4ETH/$15318
9                  20.0                          16                                                320                          385.9ETH/$56083
10                40.0                          32                                              1280                        1665.4ETH/$242033

These computations are based on the single activation fee of $5 and 32 partners in your team. It means that the cycle could be repeated every hundred days. With 62 partners in a team, each member could be earning $300,000 every 100 days.

                                   HOW TO ENROLL IN MILLIONMONEY

To enroll into the MillionMoney smart contract, follow the steps below:

1. Download MetaMask extension on Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome if you are using a PC. If you are using Android or IOS phone, download Trust wallet from its official site or from Googleplay store.

2. Sign up an account and create an ETH wallet on the MetaMask or Trustwallet. Copy and save your Mnemonic phrase and password in a very secure place preferable a private notebook or journal.

3. Buy ETH for about $5 to $6 and transfer to your ETH wallet. Once you have transferred the ETH worth of $5 or $6, then move to the next step below

4.visit this link: https://lk.million.money/a/389608/    to register for a million account. This link already has a referral code and it will be shown when you begin to activate your account.

5. The above link will take you to the MillionMoney official site. Click on Register/Sign in button. It will display two options in which you can activate your account:Automatic or manual

6. Enter your ETH wallet address  and click ' to enter manually' button to start the activation process

7. If you are using MetaMask wallet, the click you optioned above will open into your MetaMask account with the option of either connecting the contract or cancelling it. Click on 'connect'

8. If you are using Trust Wallet,locate DAPPS in the wallet. paste your sponsor link on the DAPPS browser, click on enter to search and adjust your preferred language and click on register, locate 'log in automatically' button.( If your registration/activation process is right, this button will pop up). After this, click 'approve'

9. You can then track your progress in the MillionMoney web page.

                                   ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

You will need to invite 2 persons to join you as partners and each one of the will invite two others to grow your team to 32 or 62. There are cases where downliners benefits from their up-liner's overflows but MillionMoney encourages all participant to the active as this automated funding being revolved amongst participants is service based and that service is the referral system.

The MillionMoney website is accessible in other languages such as French, German, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Bengalese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish, Georgian and Vietnamese.

MillionMoney is a relatively new programme and you might come across negative reviews but just like any legitimate adventure, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Take time to study MillionMoney's content and after that you can decide to sign up or not.

The activation fee of $5 worth of ETH is made just once. Every other revolving fund made in subsequent level is made from the ETH you have earned in your earlier levels. MillionMoney emphasised that its smart contract is a long term endeavour. it has 24/7 technical support and you can join its telegram channel from its website.

MillionMoney has chat bots, VIP training courses, sales funnels mentor-ship, promotional material and training to enhance easy start. Payouts of ETH earned are instantaneous.

By this announcement, I am scouting for 31 persons who are willing to become my partners. If each of these 31 persons could afford to bring in 2 persons, we could have a dynamic team of efficient partners who are ready to activate 3 cycles of 100 days each in the year 2020. Use the above link in step 4 to join me as a partner. You can also reach me on plus two three four eight zero nine seven six seven two seven six eight. Thank you

This article was published on 14.01.2020 by Mikhail Ikpoma
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MillionMoney - Ethereum, 5 USD to join

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