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I have opened the flood gates and people are pouring in like crazy. This is a Huge Opportunity like never before and we are all going to Win Big Together. Lives are going to be changed and Incomes are about to BOOM.... Don't miss this chance to change your life.

According to a video posted by Vida Divina, the following types of products will be available

 Meal replacement shakes

Fully organic cosmetic line!

6 organic electrolyte waters

A line of healthy pet product

Liquid nutrition packed with 36 all natural ingredients

Whole bean and instant coffee

A “Time capsule” that contains 10 medicinal mushrooms

What is the compensation plan?

According to Arnold Puyolt, his compensation plan is fully workable due to a few known facts. He claims that his company costs are lower than other companies because he owns the factory that produces the products and there are millions in investments into his company. Here is an overview of the compensation plan available.


The biggest plus for this company is that it is free to join so keep your credit cards in your pockets. To get access to many online marketing companies you have to pay them at least $50 plus buy some of their products. At Vida Divina, it is free to try their business therefore your first sale will be profit in your pocket. If anyone asks for credit card information to join Vida Divina, it is a lie. Do not be fooled.

A wide variety of products will become available for marketers to choose from. Over 160 products


The company is open about company affairs. Information about the leader is available for people to see what the company is based on. This is a clear indicator of a trustworthy company.


It is a new company. Therefore it is a good time to get ahead in the company and get a great down line going. If you sign up now, recruit a good sales team to add to your down line, based on the compensation plan, you might not have to sell much to earn a good living. You will get commissions from the sales of the people who you recruit. 

50%-70% progressive fast start bonus

7 generation progressive check match

20% presenter bonus

Customer 50% markup bonus

100% points to binary

All products are $40=40 points

Progressive binary 5%-10% to 25%

Progressive home mortgage bonus

Progressive star points

Rank advancement awards

The products are affordable. All products are below $40. Most other companies featuring good health and nutrition products make it very hard to get sales due to the high costs. Products will be easier to sell and make a commission from the low purchase price that the distributors are getting. With these low prices and products that actually work, people will be happy to shop for their health with you.

Normally it would be hard to get people to join a MLM company. It is usually hard to get recruits on social media for companies that are not new. This is because the market is already flooded with people looking for recruits for those companies. With Vida Divina, you can recruit on social media and get sign ups.

The compensation plan really rewards hard work. You will get compensated for your recruits and the purchases they make. You get binary qualified from having 2 recruits and then you will be able to reap the benefits. If you progress quickly within the company, there is a bonus called the fast starter bonus. Watch the video under the compensation plan heading above for more information.



You will have to build a team to be truly successful. Many people do not know how to build a team. However, there are many training videos available online to teach you the basics. Also, your team should help you with this. Even though I am not new to internet marketing, I asked the necessary questions that a starter would ask just to see how good my team is. They have been amazing in helping to build my down line. They provided banners, motivation and all the other tools you will need. Leave a comment below asking to join us and I will add you to my team.


You can only add people manually to ensure that they are added to your team. Therefore you will need to be in contact with your down line and get the necessary information to sign them up. This is what a part of the sign up sheet looks like.

Some personal information will be needed to sign up. Therefore, be careful who you provide this information to. Ensure that the person handling this information is trust worthy. Identity theft is a very real issue. If you want to sign up, contact me from any of the ways available here. Read my about me page for more information. Again, be careful. Visit my page on Safe online Practices for more information on how to be safe as an online entrepreneur. Please remember also that Vida Divina does not require credit card information to sign up. It is free to join so if anyone asks for your credit card information, do not give it to them. That is not a requirement on the sign up form.


My Final Verdict on Vida Divina

The company seems to be legitimate. This seems to be a good opportunity to take advantage of especially in the pre-launch phase where it will be easier to get ahead in the company.

See why I'm so excited and everyone else is too. Sign Up Now for FREE ASAP. Lock in Your Spot Now. Everyone coming in after you will be under you. Hurry its filling up fast. Get Paid Weekly.

This article was published on 03.07.2016 by Eva Griffith
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