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Vida Divina translates to Divine Life.Health and Wellness Franchise owners

Hello: Welcome to all MLM veterans I 'am here to introduce a Health and Wellness Franchise opportunity from $150-1200. The CEO and founder is Mr. Armand Puyolt who is responsible for the #1 compensation plan within the industry voted by Facebook in March of 2016 out of 850 companies worldwide. Mr. Puyolt has an remarkable testimony directly related to these products in which we distribute. Mr. puyolt was given six months to live after being diagnosed with not one but two forms of cancer, however after using these all natural organic products he was able to rid cancer completely from his system. We do not make medical claims or claim to have cures for any conditions, however the testimonies we have had from these products are nothing short of miraculous. We are in our pre-launch stage of this company and are locking in spots for the next week without any payment due until Launch which is due to take place on July 1st, 2016. For all MLM veterans how often do we venture into MLM companies with the expectations of making a 6-7 figure income only to make our up line all the real money and wealth, largely in part due to our timing and positioning. Example when we venture into a Network marketing or MLM business we usually get in after thousands or even hundreds thousands of distributors have come in before us, and our efforts push up through our sponsors that make them residual income. STOP!!!!!! PRE-LAUNCH MLM veterans you know what this means once again I repeat Timing and positioning is everything you have no choice but to make an impact on your finances as well as your heath and the health and wellness of your love ones and customers alike. Procrastination translates into lost income......Mr. Puyolt is a man of faith and a 100% believer in his all natural organic products after all he is a living testament that they work and do what they were designed to do. All of our products will have a scripture on the package or the container promoting the companies conviction to cleansing and healing through an alternative holistic approach. Please feel free to contact me at or call me (860) 477-7003 Carl Randolph Franchise owner for Vida Divina. We will be Launching in 9 different countries on July 1st and 9 more soon to follow. Mr. Puyolt has spent 33Million dollars of his own money to start this company and Vida Divina is a totally debt free company. Don't miss this wave, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity  . Thank you for your time and consideration in advance

This article was published on 24.06.2016 by Carl Randolph
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