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How to keep your financial information safe online

The Internet has brought us a lot of facilities . He has eliminated distances and has broken barriers between people . It saves us a lot of time :we buy online , sell online, pay online. Our lives are maybe half online.But there are not only benefits in it. Unseen dangers threatening us whenever sail network

On-line marketers need to practice Identity Protection even more carefully than the average person online. Why? Because we are engaged in some practices that make us more susceptible. What are those practices?

1. We visit many marketing sites. And if we are uncertain of our online success, then we are visiting Free Marketing Sites. I am all for free marketing. But there are some inherent dangers. As the old proverb says, "There is no such thing as a free lunch." It is true. Your free advertising may not cost money, but it may cost you. It costs time. You visit many, many sites. You receive TONS of email. and you earn credits reading those emails and visiting those sites. And some of those sites may be dangerous, adding Malware to your computer or Phishing for your personal information.

2. We are building trust and thus sharing personally online. We want our prospects to be able to contact us. We are putting our email, Skype, hangout or other information out there so people can reach us, and trust us. We share our social media contact with prospects so they see we are real people engaged in real business online. And this can be hazardous.

3. We are sending and receiving payments on line. Many people are doing this these days, but our transactions may be with businesses not yet verified. We buy marketing tools or send money to one of our affiliates. We may use our credit card to buy visitors to our website and that service turns out to be unreliable and steals our Credit Card info. We are uniquely susceptible to Fraud.

If you have not yet watched the video,‘’10 Ways to Keep Your Financial Information Safe Online'' you should.

It is very helpful and may save you a lot of money and inconvenience.

A PrivacyMaxx membership provides proactive and comprehensive identity monitoring, alerts and resolution services. Its services go beyond the basic coverage provided to breach victims. Becoming a member ensures that your identity is being monitored, and that you will be notified quickly if any activity is detected. Additionally, if you become aware of any suspicious activity regarding your identity, you can easily contact your PrivacyMaxx Identity Recovery Advocate, who is there to assist you and, if necessary, restore your identity back to pre-theft status. You never know when an organization you trust and rely on will be hacked by thieves. Act now, and secure your future today!

NOTE: SFI Affiliates can also build a tidy income offering ID protection to customers, friends, and family. See the PrivacyMaxx Affiliate Guide for more information

This article was published on 03.04.2016 by Elena Onea
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