Supreme Revshare Earn 20% Daily Backed by External Source of Income

Supreme Revshare Tiers UNIQUE & LONGTERM Sustainability External Revenue Income!

- External Revenue Site Like Fiverr Will Be Launched!

- A 6K Custom Script Better Features/Additions Etc!

Basic Ad Packs:

Tier 1: Ad Pack Costs $7 Expires At 120% Earns 2% Daily - No Repurchase Rule!

Tier 2: Ad Pack Costs $3 Expires At 115% Earns 20% Daily - 50% RePurchase Rule!

Advanced Ad Packs:

Tier 1: Ad Pack Costs $20 Expires At 125% Earns 3% Daily - No Repurchase Rule!

Tier 2: Ad Pack Costs $10 Expires At 120% Earns 15% Daily - 40% RePurchase Rule!

Professional Ad Packs:

Tier 1: Ad Pack Costs $50 Expires At 130% Earns 4% Daily - No Repurchase Rule!

Tier 2: Ad Pack Costs $20 Expires At 120% Earns 10% Daily - 30% RePurchase Rule!

** Tier Ad Packs Are DIRECTLY proportional It Means You Need To Buy 1 Ad Pack In Tier1 & Tier2!

10% Referral Commission!

250% Account Reset Feature For Sustainability!

1 Week Refunds Offered To Test The System On / After Launch!

Smart Withdrawal Management:

Basic Members: Members can Withdraw $100 Daily!

Advance Members: Members can Withdraw $200 Daily!

Professional Members: Members can Withdraw $500 Daily!

You Need To Have 2 Active Ad Packs In Any Tier To Withdraw!

Our Freelancer Platform:


Hi...! I am Hassan Raza (Admin of SRS). I would like to tell you more what our freelancer project is,How it will help us to sustain our SRS. If you do a google search on top freelancers and their worth, You will be amazed to see their worth is atleast in millions of dollars.

I think it will give you clear answer how it can sustain us. You may have seen all freelancer projects are different from one another, What I mean by different is they are all offering different services, Like fiverr is different from upwork, Because Fiver is targeted by small businesses but Big companies prefer upwork. Here is something interested ''What if we launch a project That combines them all in one with less commissions from sellers then I am sure it will be of worth''. I know we need to spend thousands of dollars in infrastructure for that. After complete research work we have decided to do it step by step. It is famous saying ''Slow & study wins the race''. We will work step by step in different phases.

Phase 1:

In this phase we will start our project and only offer small services like Fiverr do. Hopefully it will be launched with SRS launch or soon after SRS launch.

Sellers can dig 5 dollars for each task.

Phase 2:

We will add more features to our website and start offering advertisement services like back page, crags list posting. Posters will be able to earn by posting ads for our Advertisers.

Phase 3:

We have good contacts in Apps development services. We will allow buyers and sellers to work together. Developers will get projects and people can get services from them in apps development.

Phase 4:

This is our final phase, Honestly if people keep supporting us It will be the history in Revshare we will never fall. We will have more reserves than people money invested in the program.

We will add crowd funding plan. This is not like ordinary crowd funding.This is only for Android and IOS projects crowd funding. It means people are free to post their ideas if investors will like their ideas they can fund that idea to become reality.We will do all advertisement & app development work. Profit generated by app will be shared with all investors & creator of idea.

We have many things in the future. We will keep you updated with everything. I am sure we can grow to millions if we walk together. Wish you success here in SRS

Your Sincere

Hassan Raza

Instant Withdrawals!

Payza,STP,PM,Payeer & Bitcoin ACCEPTED!

This article was published on 09.09.2016 by Hassan Raza
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