Insurance your life!

UniversalPlanB is a member to member donation platform.

There is no company. Donations are sent from member to member. The platform just facilitates the transactions.

You must be invited to join the program and sign up online for free. The person who invited you is your sponsor. They may also be your direct upline IF that person is adding you to their Tier 1 first level. Otherwise you may be added to another person’s Tier 1 first level in the downline network. This happens due to “spillover” after your sponsor has three personally sponsored people. After three people are in anyone’s first level, the sponsored people spillover into the downline network to the next open spot. Our programming does this for you automatically.

Once you join for free, you can start by donating $25 to the person you are matched to send the donation to. Then your back office opens up and you will have your own URL, web address, to send to other people and invite them to join UniversalPlanB with you. You will also be able to add accounts to your page so others can start donating to you. Each person is allowed to have at least one account and up to five different kinds of accounts so you can accept donations in several ways including PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, Neteller, ADVcash, Payeer, Perfec Money, STP or any other account you have (or set up) to accept donations. You can also add more information to your page such as your email, Skype name, phone number and so on. This will make it easier for people to engage with you and have a conversation about UniversalPlanB and what we are doing together. At that point you become eligible to receive 3 donations of $25 (3 x $20) which amounts to $75.00 from 3 people who you invite or who spillover into your first level.

Those 3 persons are on your Tier 1. Once you receive your Tier 1 donations you are then matched with someone to make your Tier 2 donation of $50. Upon making that $50 donation (from the donations you already received) you are now qualified to receive Tier 2 donations from the second level down from you. At this point the persons who donate to you will amount to 3 x 3 = 9 persons.

Your network is growing! Good for you and all those people you invited. These 9 persons, as soon as they receive their Tier 1 donations and are ready to advance to Tier 2, are the ones who will donate $50 each up to you which will amount to $50 x 9 = $450.

At this point you are ready to Advance to Tier 3. You are then matched with someone to make your Tier 3 donation of $250. Upon making that donation of $250 you automatically advance to Tier 3 and become qualified for Tier 3 donations. At this point the 9 persons who donated to you on tier 2, once they get 3 persons each to donate to them (9 x 3 = 27 persons). These 27 persons will now make Tier 3 donations of $250 each to you which will amount to $250 x 27 = $6,750.00.

Now these numbers are going to be crazy crazy crazy! As soon as you receive your Tier 3 payments you will be matched to make your donation of $550 to someone on Tier 4. Once you make that donation you become qualified for Tier 4 donations. The 27 person who paid you on Tier 3; once they receive their payments each on Tier 3 they become qualified to pay you on Tier 4. They will have invited and sponsored 3 persons which amounts to 27 x 3 = 81 persons. These 81 persons will donate $550 each to you on Tier 4 which will be equal to $550 x 81 = $44,555....

This is not a dream but a reality!

This article was published on 19.08.2016 by Jelena Zikic
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