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These are the most important questions when setting your goals and achieving the best results. But first what is the difference between Means and End Goals.. Do you know?

Means goals are pretty much any goal that society approves of, as in going to school then college. The best university that you should apply to and what career is most appropriate for what you have learned.  These goals are what you feel are acceptable regardless of how they make you feel.

So then what are End goals.. Well, these are the goals that basically, make you happy, they are the goals that get your blood flowing, that, gets you excited. They are the goals that you believe in, that you can feel because they bring out the passion in you.

End goals in contrast to Means goals have a whole heap of feeling behind them that drives you to achieving them. Means goals have no feelings what so ever behind them, and in the long run will make you unhappy.

So what are the 3 most important questions that you should be asking yourself?

  1. What will be your Experiences?
  2. What will be your Growth?
  3. What will be your Contribution?

Let's look at #1 Experiences. Write down what you want to experience in your life (I would suggest using a notebook or sheet of paper to brainstorm), don't hold back but set a time limit of say 3 minutes. Whether is travelling, a change of direction in your career, No matter what it is write it down, you can always add more later.

Then,  #2 Is Growth. Now using the same method as before write down how you want your experiences to help you grow. What personal growth you want to achieve and how it will effect you and your life.

And lastly #3 Contribution. So now that you have listed your Experiences and your Growth now list how best they will allow you to Contribute to the world, whether it's within your community or in your business. Whatever it is write it down as before within your set time limit.

Once you have completed this exercise take a moment to digest what you have written down, as I said before you can then go back and add more content and build on each category. I would suggest taking a look every day and making adjustments if needed as you'll find you may need to be flexible on your journey to achieving your end goals.

Lisa Hurrell - Achieve Your Goals Today

This article was published on 05.06.2016 by Lisa Hurrell
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