Younique is the best make up around!

Okay so just to tell you a little bit about myself before I start, I'm a kitchen porter so I spend alot of my time where it's normaly too hot for make up, unless you are okay with having alice cooper eyes (not a good look for me personally), so joining a make up sales company was a bit of an odd move for me however when my kit came I put some on to go to work and the results were amazing, I absolutely love the 3D fiber lash + mascara absolutely no running eyes!, also anothet favourite product was the splurge cream shaddow in tenacious which is also very strange for me since I never ever wore cream shaddows before only powders and the fact it's I  gold would normally have been a no go for me aswell!, another reason younique is a amazing is because we have the "younique foundation" and no I'm not still talking about products  the younique foundation is a charity set up in Utah, USA for women who have been victims of sexual abuse as children to go and get some counseling and healing how great is that? I love working for a company that does some great things for women around the world!, we are the fastest growing network marketing company around and since joining I definitely understandwhy, not only do we have this amazing charity and sell products  that do thier job better than any brand I've ever used but we also have teams of uplines who do absolutely everything they can to keep your business up and running, full training is provided right from the start and you don't even need to be good at applying makeup (I know I'm absolutely terrible at it) there are soo many tutorials online ( scroll to the bottom to find them) and if you are not brave enough to post your own selfies and videos when you sign no need to worry there are loads that the other.presenters are happy to share with you!. Some people may be put off joining by the thought of their sponsor up and leaving them in the lurch(I have no intention of leaving just to be clear) again this is no problem as the uplines and team memebers are always there forone another even if they are not a part of your team, everyone wants you to be successful in your business with younique
This article was published on 23.04.2016 by Becky Coxon
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