Futur of payment with one coin

What is a crypto currency:

Crypto-currency is digital currency that uses cryptography for security and anti-counterfeiting.

The value of the currency is not based on any country or central bank. The value is dependent on supply and demand. It behaves more like Gold or Silver.

The first was Bitcoin in 2009

One Coins invention Aurum Gold Coin:

Gold Vault is providing to you Aurum Gold Coin - the first hybrid cryptocurrency backed up by real and solid gold. Gold Vault is your virtual portal where you can sell/buy your Aurum Gold Coins while, in reality, exchanging real gold. Each Aurum Gold Coin is backed up by 10 mg solid gold, which is stored in a highly secured gold vault. You can enjoy all the benefits of holding a real gold. All you need to do is to join us. Welcome to the world of hybrid cryptocurrency

A Crypto currency must be aproved by the The Seven Tests™

  1. Coin Number. Billions of coins. 
  2. Developing World Coin Value.  
  3. Millions of Users.  
  4. Millions of merchants. Use the coin. 
  5. Global Usage. Networked world. 
  6. Education Led. Mass market need educating. 
  7. Secure. Security of currency AND security of use 

The Seven Test Result of One Coin:

  1. Coin Number. 2.1bn coins. 100x Bitcoin.  
  2. Developing World Coin Value.  
  3. Mass Millions of Users. 1.8mn members so far. 5,000 join per day.  
  4. Millions of merchants. By Members. 24 million Mastercard 
  5. Global Usage. 200+ countries. All regions.   
  6. Education Led. OneAcademy 
  7. Secure. Centralised. Audited. KYC.

Why will One Coin succed:

One coin will generate -100x more coins then Bitcoin

One coin offers 2Bn unbanked people a free account to transfer there money world wide

Millions of merchants throw Mastercard Members 24 million in total

Stockmarket approach in 2017

Financial education with the oncoin academy

Secure1: Audited KYC and Registartion for members

Secure2: Centralised Block Chain -coins mined within 7 days

Conclusion three main Business Divisions:

1. Onecoin (participate from coin value)

2. Remittances (money transfer like Western Union)

3. Protect Income & Wealth ( Member Account =Bank account)

How you can you participate from the succes of One coin:

-increasing of value of your One Coins (up to 4 Splits available)

-Interducing new miners (10% direct sales bonus)

-Team building opportunity ( 10% first generation/10% second generation/ 3rd 20% /4th 25% matching bonus)

Would you like more information about this out standing opportunity please contact me:

Beste Grüsse/cordialement/kind regards


https://www.onelife.eu/signup/gheison-go for it !

+41 79 476 55 86

one coin futur of bit coin


This article was published on 08.08.2016 by Gheison Gheison
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