Staying Positive in a Network Marketing World

It's so much easier to remain within our comfort zone than it is to face the fear of venturing beyond.  And all too often staying within the confines of that comfort zone can be the demise of your network marketing business.  In network marketing you have to put yourself out there, and that can be so difficult for many. Afterall, humans are emotional beings.

Almost universally, everyone in the world of network marketing gets hammered by their sponsors and uplines to stay positive regardless of what's thrown in your path.  Get out there and speak to everyone. Don't take the "no's" personally.  Talk to more people.  Just stay positive!

The reality is, it can be hard to stay positive.  Network marketing is so often frowned upon by friends, family and even strangers, making it difficult to share your business excitment for fear of being knocked off the positivity train, and watching all those visions and goals of success quickly crumble.  It's hard to the core to continue hearing "no" while waiting for a "yes" to arrive.

Though not easy, looking past negativity is possible and you can maintaining a positive attitude in your network marketing business:

1. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. The network marketing journey is different for everyone and everyone has a different set of circumstances surrounding their journey. The fact that you believed in yourself enough to start your own business should be what your focus is on!

2. Don't expect instant, overnight success. Yes, some people do achieve immmediate results, but it's not the norm. When you set realistic expectations, you'll stick with it and see it through to your success. You must put in consistent and intentional work for you to see results.  And that just takes time.  But it can certainly happen for you.

3. Focus on your personal growth. Be willing to learn, learn, and then learn more.  Feed your brain and you'll feed your positivity and ultimately bring you the success you're seeking.

4. Be patient with yourself and the process. This one is always facinating to me. People will work so hard their entire life for someone else.  They'll work full time hours, often having to add overtime hours to make ends meet.  However, those same people will give up within a year (or less) if they don't see instant and huge financial rewards with network marketing.  Be patient and it will come.

5. LOVE YOURSELF!  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!  BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!  You have no idea how much this plays a role in your positivity.

Hope this resonates with someone out there that might be losing their positive outlook to the network marketing world.   I believe in you and I just know you got this!

This article was published on 19.11.2016 by Denise Angus
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