Would you like to learn how to earn a Lexus?

Do I have your attention?  Good.  More about the Lexus later.  First off, I want to say that I have tried several different network marketing companies without much success.  But I just kept plugging along and doing more personal development.   Which I really believe is the key.  Work on yourself  and work on helping others and the success will follow.  

Being your own boss is one of the blessings that you can’t put a price on.  I cannot ever work for anyone else in a 9-5 position ever again.  I now have a passion to help others succeed at being an entrepreneur.    You can literally run a business these days with a phone and internet access.  

So now about the Lexus!  Imagine driving a brand new car that you don’t have to pay for out of your own pocket?  It can happen to you.  Owning your own Beauty business is a dream come true for many.  But you must be a product of the product and have a strong belief in the product/products to become a success.  

The Anti-Aging business is a billion dollar industry and this is the time to become involved in this industry.  We can help a lot of people who want to look younger and feel younger.  We can make people better and help them feel good about themselves.  We can also help them make money and have their own business if that is what they are interested in.

The mission is to be real, encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, and create a positive team spirit and family atmosphere.   We want to dream big and have fun while helping and serving others.  All while getting paid to have fun.  

I am a brand partner with Nerium International.  I love helping others succeed.  Nerium has an excellent plan called the "Road Map to Lexus" where the steps are all laid out for you to follow to get a Lexus car bonus.    I would like to help three people drive a Lexus. The reason I can only help three people at this time is I want to make sure I can give the time and attention needed to help you succeed.  

The qualifications you must have for me to be able to work with you are:

1.    You will have a positive attitude.

2.    You will  be teachable/coachable.

3.    You are able to follow instructions.

If this describes you please visit my website at www.beckywest.net or http://www.beckyawest.nerium.com and get on the list to be considered.

This article was published on 23.03.2016 by Rebecca Whitaker West
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