Become Effective With Your MLMGateway Advertising

As a MLM business owner, you more than likely put a lot of time and even money into advertising your business.

So to help you out a lot, I am going to share something you will need to know about advertising on MLMGateway, and any other platform, to increase your conversions and most importantly, simply keep up.


Well be using MLMGateway as the example, since it's advertising can be super effective and any MLM business owner can use it.

So first, let's look at what this "new strategy" can do:

You have 3 clicks on your MLMGateway ads, and each visitor has a different end result -

  • Visitor #1 does not opt-in and become a lead, simply reads and leaves
  • Visitor #2 opts-in (on email list) but does not purchase your offer
  • Visitor #3 opts-in and purchases, but does not upgrade

Now you decide to begin running ads on other platforms that these visitors are on. But instead of just placing ads out there not knowing who did what, imagine if you could create 3 separate ads like:

  • Ad for opting in that only visitor #1 will see
  • Ad for the offer again so Visitor #2 can re-think about purchasing (only he/she sees this ad)
  • Ad for visitor #3 showing ONLY those type of visitors the upgrade offer again

You can run ads for each type of visitor to complete the next step.

Even though that visitor seen your ad and clicked on it from MLMGateway, they see these ads talking about the next step on Facebook, Twitter and other places online. Even places that are not targeted for MLM, but since they are on the site, they see it anyway.


For many marketers who know how to work this strategy, have seen over 5 times the opt-ins, leads, sells and upgrades.

The reason is because now the money they spend on ads, goes where it needs to and many ads are no longer getting used up on people who are not interested. Also, they can target each person knowing that person is more likely to be wanting to buy or upgrade.

Now, if you DO NOT learn this strategy, you will simply get left behind in the online advertising world.


The solution to this strategy is simply learning to do it, and preventing people from using your website to find their targeted buyers.

On the next upcoming IBO Advanced Marketing Strategies you will be given the details on how you will be able to use this in your own business.

Be sure you register now for this event, so you can be there live, or get the recording.

By not learning this strategy, you will not be able to even come close to those who do know it. Those people can basically "steal" your traffic, and show ads to all the people who visited your site.

But, of course by knowing it, means you can even target your competition's traffic, and show ads to them if you are offering the same offer or similar products. 

REGISTER HERE NOW and show up early. This webinar will only hold the first 500 people who show up. Don't be left out on this or you'll be left out in the upcoming years.

WHAT: IBO Advanced Marketing Strategies

WHEN: Thursday Sept. 1st, 2016 at 9 p.m Eastern

This article was published on 31.08.2016 by Jaye Carden
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Eric Block Very interesting. I must admit I'm a little confused but I appreciate your articles. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  1 year ago

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