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I know you are already promoting something. This might also be of interest to you. If so, just let me know and I will keep you updated on it. This is a copy of a message I just sent to two people who had signed up under me with The Postcard Leveraging System. Looks like something really good will be starting up next month and I want you to know about it too.

Don Evans


Hi Name & Name,

Once again, I want to apologize for recommending PLS to you. I did get the check from them yesterday for $225, so I have to give them credit for that. But, that is about all I give them credit for. I am still done with them. I never did get my mailing labels from them and the admin will not even respond to my emails. Like I said in the previous email, they are Unreliable & untrustworthy.

My sponsor there is a good guy. Honest, dependable, trustworthy. He has done well with cash programs in the past and is very upset about all this too. He asked me if I would allow him to stay in touch with me on a new and much better Cash Program that is being Launched this Mid September by a friend of his who has helped him make over $100,000.

I said yes, of course you can.

It is always good to be in at the very beginning of something really good. He will be sending me information about the new program as it becomes available. I have been around a long time, I have seen it all. 99% of everything you see out there does not work ... for the average person. I am not doing this to get rich. I am not rich by a long shot, however, I am pretty much financially independent. More than enough money coming in to take care of my needs. I am doing it because it is exciting and gives me something to think about.

There are a lot of schemes and scams out there. But, now and then something really good does come around that can really help others earn some big paychecks is a relatively short period of time. This might be it. So, even though I jumped too quick recommended PLS to you, will you allow me to send you information about this new program as it becomes available?

All the best!

Don Evans ****

This article was published on 12.08.2016 by Don Evans
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Kathleen Escalera I would Don, thank you for asking  1 year ago

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