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 Prospective Partners: My name is Nelson S. Brown Jr. I'm a 77 year old, Man in pursuit of Freedom. This position has been the promise of many

Network Marketing Opportunities, All the way back to the, One credited with starting Network Marketing Industry in 1959. But there's only one, that has

Created a way to True Wealth, while allowing you and I to make residual income, By helping others follow the same Business model.

This company began in 2011. The owner had a simple desire to provide a way for everyone on the Planet too own Pure Gold Bullion in small

negotiable increments, Out that desire our opportunity was born. Now, Back to The Elephant in the room! I'm asking You to follow me! But you don't know

 Who" or what I am?] We've never met. But I hope I can share with you an honest assessment of myself that will convince

you that we can be of Mutual benefit to each other. I, am The Elephant in the room.  I, am many things, It's up to you if you want to Partner up with me based on

what I share with you! First of all. I'm a Black man Honest, Hard working, Husband of same Wife for 40 years. A, Father, Grandfather, Great

Grandfather. All of this formed over 77 years of my life. In that time there has been success and failure, Personnel as well as in Business.

The most important experience in my life that has helped, Form my personnel and Business sense, Is my Faith. It, has helped to form my love for

people and their needs. I have My Secular Business networking. But, My lifelong profession is Ministry of The Gospel of Yahushua you may know him

as [Jesus]. "Let me say! I'm not here to convert you! "Unless you feel you need It! [Smile!

Being truthful, I must tell you there's a great problem with the economy's of the us and the world. Heed the warning follow our lead, We can prepare for

what's coming. I'm not here to tell you The only way to your success is attached to faith in a higher power. I'm here to say that without Caring and

concern for people, This is not for you! And we can part friends!

 But if what I've said so far make sense, Let me share with you one of the most honest, and needful opportunities in the world today, Gold ownership in

small increments allowing us The ability to build a "Legacy". for our families.

  My calling is to help The whole man the best way I can. To me this means sharing what has been a benefit to me these 77 years on earth.

If you're interested? To date March 16th 1943, till March 16th 2020, that's 28,121 days. Smile! The last time we used real money in this country was

before 1971! Watch: Join Us!

This article was published on 17.03.2020 by Nelson Brown
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