There is a 6 letter word that must be embossed and stuck on everyone's forehead - A.C.T.I.O.N.

When you think about ACTing on a particular business decision or life decision, people tend to look at things they DONT have, completely ignoring the things they HAVE.

What a huge mistake!!!

When I started my journey as an Entrepreneur in August of 2014, I didn't have the $1,000 I needed to begin. I didn't really have $500 either ! Every penny I got went into paying bills. 
It was a voluntary lifestyle that I chose because I resigned from a Financial Advisory post in the Middle East, to serve as a missionary/social worker in India. 
(I did it for 4 years and I loved it. No complaints. I matured as a human being both spiritually and emotionally. That's where I met my wife as well. I wouldn't trade those years for anything else and when the time was done, I was ready for the next step.)

As a missionary, every penny goes into paying bills, and everything comes via donations/charity. 

So this $1,000 was WAY out of our 'budget'. But having seen the potential of the business opportunity, and recognizing the time for our next move, I looked at what I had - my wife's jewelry and a loan option.

We decided to sell what we had and take a loan to gather $1,000 and we started on August 28, 2014. 
Fast forward to June of 2015, and we had withdrawn our first $11,000!!! A 1000% increase to our 'seed' . We also upgraded the $1,000 investment to $30,000!

I took action with what I had. I was not worried about what I did not have. 

Most of you reading this are in a much better position than I was last year. However, most of you, don't have the drive or tenacity or determination to make it work like I did. Out of the 100 people I meet, 98 fail to have the drive to make it work. They have no problem in taking loans for a car, or college and be a slave to the system till they retire.
But when it comes to making a change in their lifestyle, somehow it eludes their mind. 


The reason you don't have any fruits to enjoy today, is because you didn't sow your seeds yesterday.

If you want your money tree to provide you with the fruits TOMORROW, you need to PLANT those seeds TODAY.

You get it?

A change of lifestyle, environment requires your ACTION with what you have in hand. Everybody has something. Don't just lay back and dream about it, DO IT!


Are you ready??
If you are, then I am ready as well.. to get you started!!!

Get in touch with me.

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This article was published on 27.10.2015 by Faith Emmanuel
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