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I had to share this with you..... Have you heard of United Games? It is an unbelievable opportunity that you could make some serious money and have fun doing it! Have you ever wished you had been a part of something great? A founding sponsor of something like Facebook, Google, or Pokemon Go? 

Well, we were asked to be one of the founding sponsors of the newest and greatest thing on the horizon! This is something so big and it is going to be free! Many professional athletes, are involved. Did I mention the app is FREE!

It is a fun, new gaming app that makes watching NFL games exciting as you can interact and predict what will actually happen on the field. It is starting with football but then will venture out to soccer, baseball, golf, and all other sports. It is already in 200 countries. It is not gambling and it is free to download and play. Players will earn tokens by watching 15 second advertisements that and then they can redeem their winning tokens for prizes like jerseys, caps, airline tickets and lots of other prizes including Mercedes!

Everyone will be playing, it is going to be crazy! It is expected to hit a BILLION players!

The part I want to introduce you to is to become an affiliate and there is a one time fee of $39.95. Then you make a commission on every player that has your code and plays the game on their phone. This is going to be huge once it launches! It is hard to explain so if you are interested, I suggest you view this 4 minute video and then contact me for an invitation. video link.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcBNHZiOaRs&feature=youtu.be.

The opportunity to become an affiliate closes on October 10th.

They are expecting a billion players and players have to have an affiliate. United Games is going to assign "orphan" players (those who do not have an affiliate) to existing affiliates. They are predicting that you could make a thousand dollars a month just off of the orphans assigned to you.

Get onboard today as time is winding down. Do not be the person that says "I heard of that and I missed out!" 

Opportunity is knocking on the door. Are you home, sleeping, or just to busy to open the door and let it in?

This article was published on 06.10.2016 by Kevin Jackson
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