Live Sports App a Game Changer!

Mobile apps are becoming an ever more intricate part of our everyday lives on a global scale. They are proving to make life more manageable, time saving and fun in a fast pace ever changing world society. If you're like me, a few years ago I hardly understood what apps were and felt they were something just to clutter up my phone but now I search for apps to help in various of ways in business to personal application. 268 billion apps are projected to be downloaded by 2017. It is also projected that Two Hundred billion in revenue will be earned by downloaded apps by 2020! Surprisingly game apps rank number one as the most downloaded. From Angry Birds to Mobile Strike game apps are the most largest downloads of the day. Game apps are a multi billion dollar industry and it's only getting bigger as more and more people from around the world go mobile! Who would of thought that a little game like Angry Birds would generate Three Billion dollars last year alone! Apps such as Fan Duel and Draft Kings bring in a cool Billion a year each. Now comes a sports app. that will revolutionize gaming on line and change the gaming experience completely. A live sports app. that will let you participate in the game you are watching and compete with family members, friends, even people from around the world! From Football to Soccer, Cricket, Tennis and more it will take gaming to a whole new level. But it gets even better because right now you have an opportunity to cash in on this new app. before  it's release this fall sometime in October. United Games has opted to spread the wealth with people who would like to earn income and in-turn get the word out about this new Live sports app. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of advertising and many companies have found rewarding people to spread the word to be most effective. There are major sport figures like Deion Sanders, Manny Pacquiao, Evander Holyfield, and more who will be in the Launch this October. This is literally going to be a Game Changer! Want to know more and ready to start ?  If you are interested in earning you need to sign up as an affiliate by October 10. Watch our video here:  Fill in your information and receive your personal pass-code to join our team or enjoy Live sports as a player. Here is a more informative video for people interested in being an affiliate:    IT'S GAME TIME!

This article was published on 02.10.2016 by Curtis Sol
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