The Most Simple, Free, and Quickest Way To Signup Massive Amounts Of Reps

Do you believe it is a "hard" challenge to build a network marketing team?

Do you ever get frustrated with it, or think perhaps you don't have what it takes to build a team?

I assure you, that you have more than what it takes to be successful at any company in the MLM industry.

And to prove it, I will share with you a super simple, easy to do, free to use, cold market recruiting machine strategy that you can begin using.... as soon as you read this.

Too Many Overthink It

See the big mistake many people in MLM make, is they overthink it.

They think they need some super ninja strategy, to build massive teams. They believe they need more money to advertise, and only if they could they'd make it.

They find more reasons NOT to try than to try.

Today that will end for you if you're facing that.

The Strategy Anyone Can Use

The idea to MLM success is getting the most people possible to watch a presentation, as possible.

More people, more people, more people.

This is how ALL big leaders do it. How you get those people is up to you. Just get them.

So take your laptop, google search a company name, and ask for distributors in that company. You will find several websites to chose from.

Go to each site, and call the number listed on it. You'll find that doing this 50 times a day will lead to several signups a month.

Go for realtors in your area, by googling them. Go for business owners, and professionals. Just start calling the people you find in the search results. These people are your most likely to say "Yes" to looking at your presentation.

What To Say

Most of the time you get a voice mail. Leave simple message such as "Hi _____, my name is _____ and I came across your website. I had a quick question for you, so you can call me back at xxx-xxx-xxxx."

That gets a lot of call backs. Curious as to why you called.

From there, ask if they are open. 

(to get a full on script of what to say for messages, call backs, and to set up appointments the most easiest way, refer to  THIS FREE APPROACH SYSTEM )

This system will give you access to FREE LEADS for life, all leads are people who have been exposed to the industry.

It will give you scripts to use that have been the highest converting yet.

It will also give you a resource to capture leads, your own self generated leads (highest quality) and will be a resource to build a relationship with people who are not even on your team.... yet.

It also saves you the time of researching the information yourself. It is a free strategy, that has made many MLM business owners very successful. Now it is your turn.

Just Work The Numbers

If you get the system mentioned above, you will have no excuses not to use this free strategy that spits out new signups. The system itself is a full on system, and will cost less than lunch for 2 people. Seriously, why not?

Then, using the system, or researching yourself, simply call as many people everyday as possible. It takes roughly about 1 to 2 hours a day to make 50 calls. (many are disconnected or wrong).

And in 90 days of solid prospecting this way, you can even signup 170 people from this little amount of work. It has been done before.


Why is it you can't build a large team again?

P.S If you want a team to be built for you using a super effective "sense of urgency" system, driving people to sign up under you, then simply check out this free video. You will also get your new MLM team being built for you for free, as time goes by. Worth seeing for yourself. WATCH VIDEO HERE ON HOW IT ALL WORKS

This article was published on 01.11.2016 by Jaye Carden
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