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So, you don’t have a spare $52,700 to advertise your business, that's a shame!

While it is true everyone has the same chance in building their MLM, Affiliate, Network Marketing business, people with money can afford to do what you and I can’t, and that’s invest a ton of money into advertising.

Good news, for a very short period, you have an opportunity to advertise like the top marketer’s!

You have one week to take advantage of a “Guaranteed Sale Program” that guarantees the sale of your products and the promotion of your MLM, Affiliate or Network Marketing program.

Yes, you heard me correctly, a “Guaranteed Sales Program”

I’m an affiliate with a company that is currently fine tuning their AI systems, testing and recording proven results for their “Guaranteed Sales Program” and they want people like you and I to test this "Guaranteed Sales System"

This “Guaranteed Sales Program” guarantees to sell your MLM, Affiliate and Network Marketing Products online.

They guarantee to run an advert on one of your products, 3 times. These 3 adverts cycles take a total time of between 7 to 8 months to complete.

Each cycle you are guaranteed $155,000 in commissions!

For example, one of my products that I retail, has a profit margin of $35

So, they guarantee to sell 4,429 units of this product.

$4,429 X $35 = $155,015

Now, don’t get too excited, this isn’t completely for free. You do have to pay a small upfront fee.

For example, 1 advert costs $269 US.

You can buy more than one advert, 2 costs $500 US., and it gets even cheaper the more you buy up to a total of 8.

The cost of 8 adverts is $1280 US., that works out to be $160 US for each advert.

Plus, there is another fee.

Once the sale cycle is completed, and you have earned $155,000, you will have to pay back a 34% fee on the $155,000.

34% X $155,000 = $52,700

Now while that’s a lot of money, it’s coming out of the $155,000 commissions you have earned.

Which will leave you: $155,000 - $52,700 = $102,300 profit.

 The advert will run 3 times, so you will earn:

$102,300 X 3 = $306,900 profit.

As I mentioned, you have one week left before this promotion ends, so you need to reserve your adverts immediately, because once this promotion ends, you will have to pay $52,700 up front to place your advert.

And while the $52,700 fee is a lot of money, there will be businessman and top MLMer's standing in line to place their adverts.

This is actually your chance to become a top Sales Associate with your company, can you imagine!

Here’s the link to this program to find out more:

If you don’t currently have products for sale, or your company won’t let you sell using this type of advertising, I can help you.

Because time is of the essence, you are welcome to text or email me directly with any questions.

Richard Rose


Text: 403-635-8333

This article was published on 20.06.2022 by Richard Rose
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