Imitation creates the need for BEST...

USANA started out being unique.

That created competition by imitation.

Imitation creates the need for BEST.

It's time to CHANGE the game!

We are on the brink of a shift in how we talk about

nutritional products, what the products deliver and

how people think about nutrition.

What IF...
We could initiate the natural intelligence of

your body by influencing innate cellular activities that

can help you achieve optimal health and vitality.

What IF...

USANA scientists identified nutrients and a process to utilize

the innate signaling properties in our body to target specific

cell signals and responses with nutrients. These nutrients can

function as signaling molecules, which target different pathways

to instruct cells and genes to perform specific, health-promoting


What IF...

By way of these molecular messengers, we could activate and energize
our cell's natural abilities  to be more proactive and adaptive. This
activity helps provide a higher degree of individual health and vitality,
because it works from the inside out, from your DNA to your daily life

Does This Fit Our Commitment to PERSONALIZATION?

This new science allows YOUR body to turn cellular processes on or off
based on the specific needs of YOUR cells.

Delivering personalization on the inside!

This is an evolution of the story that started the company.

This is a new reason to share & invite

Learn more here
Proudly reinforce our position as the authority, leader and
innovator in our space

This positioning demonstrates leadership and innovation for
the most personalized nutrition company in the world.

We are not just launching a new product

We are inviting you to be a part of the biggest advancement
in Cellular Nutrition since the Essentials

We've changed the paradigm

USANA manufactures their dietary supplements in their own

STATE-OF-THE-ART (FDA-registered and TGA-certified)

MANUFACTURING FACILITY, using quality standards that

are above and beyond what is required for dietary


The USANA Difference

Guaranteed that what is on the label is in the product

Contains what it's supposed to and in the right proportions

Meets all specified expectations

Ingredients meet label claim

Offers the correct concentration of ingredients

Free from impurities or contaminants

USANA is regularly audited and adheres to the highest standards

is a member of the United Natural Product Alliance-an association of

dietary supplement and functional food companies that share a

commitment to provide consumers with natural health products of



If you would like more information, or would like to join the

new era of nutritional science, get started here

The launch of our new products will be revealed on Aug 25th.

Stay tuned

Kindest regards

Dave Youn

This article was published on 08.08.2016 by Dave Young
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