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Has sharing doTERRA MLM business become a tough sale?

In reality most customer will buy essential oils online, if not from you from somebody else, but how can you make selling doTERRA oils easy on yourself?

Yes, it has been a discussion I have been having with many of my colleges in doTERRA and other MLM companies. It is quite common to realize that family and friends are not going to be interested in your business. We all believe at the start that people will support our decision to start a MLM business and want us to succeed, but unfortunately, it is unlikely to be the case.

Fortunately for some doTERRA wellness advocate, the penny dropped some time ago when you understood the power of the internet and how it was going to have a positive effect on your business. I am surprise that more serious doTERRA reps have not used such a power tool that is sitting somewhere in their homes. I believe that the main reason why most doTERRA advocate do not work online more is because they simply do not have the basic knowledge to do so. This is a sad situation to be in because even though it sound very involved it is also very possible if you simply had the right information placed in front of you.

Why is sharing doTERRA online better than in person?

A few years ago many doTERRA consultants would have had a good argument against working online, however, the world has changed. Firstly, the pandemic of 2020-21 trapped the global population at home making it very difficult for any of the doTERRA membership to do any face to face sharing of their essential oils. At the same time people who were reluctant to purchase anything online starting buying almost everything online. This shopping revolution seems to be here to stay and like it or not doTERRA customers want the same benefits and service when they buy essential oils online. 

The new reality is that we are all buying more online and we are less willing to run home parties and classes. 

So, what is the solution to our new MLM future?

Well, like every crisis there is an opportunity. Many will try to carry on the same way as before and other will stop working in the MLM industry. However, some will take advantage of this new world order and learn new skills and become the forefront of hybrid network marketer.  The hybrid network marketer is someone who sees the opportunity to work in both eras; the online world and the building relationship world of MLM.

Are there any new doTERRA MLM methods I need to know about to work online?

Yes, there are a few and all very possible for those serious about changing the way they are sharing doTERRA with the world.

Nevertheless, we all need to remember that running a doTERRA business in person by for example having coffee mornings with friends is no different than speaking to someone on a Zoom call. Well, okay, it is different, but not that different that your business would become obsolete.

A quote I like to use with skeptics....

"The internet is simply a virtual extension of the physical world"

So, don't get tide up in the politics of it all, because success means adapting to new situations or trends. The main issue is when we do not keep up with new marketing methods believing that what worked in the past will work today. We all find ourselves in that situation including myself. So, always keep your eye on the ball of what will work and what will not.

I often get asked...

If you have not worked online before, is it really possible to learn all the everything you would need to know?

Yes, of course, learning new things is what humans do best, but what is difficult for many is taking action, because work is required and that is tough.

Fortunately, there are a few MLM eBooks available that helps the internet novice to build a business online such as the excellent and informative eBook "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing". This eBook is a great starting point for the wellness advocate who is interested in knowing more about sharing doTERRA online.


I have not joined doTERRA yet, but I like the idea of sharing doTERRA online, what are my options?

Firstly, not all doTERRA wellness advocate are interested in running their doTERRA business too seriously. So, you need to ask yourself why are you joining doTERRA and what do you want to achieve? In addition, not all doTERRA members will be able to offer you any information about building your business online, because they simply do not know. So, the key to success and running doTERRA online is to find the right individual with the right credentials.

What are the right credentials should a doTERRA MLM rep have regarding working online?

  • They should have enough experience in network marketing as well as online marketing
  • They should have the tools and knowledge to explain how sharing doTERRA works
  • They should have a track record of working online
  • They should be able to help and support you in your business
  • They should have leadership skills

Is sharing doTERRA online for you?  

Frankly, working online is in my opinion the best and most successful method of running a MLM business, but it does take a lot work. This means that if you believe that if you create a blog or a landing page people will run to join your business this method is not for you.

However, if you believe that running a business is a ongoing process of building the doTERRA brand as well as your own personal brand via the internet, then you are in the right track. Creating high valued content is the same method of building personal relationships with your customers. If you do not have a good rapport with your readers or in customer relations and reach out to them regularly, your business is destine to fail. 

Working online is about daily actions and a commitment to sharing the idea of what is doTERRA and what it means to you and your customers. So, being passionate about what you share with them is important, because prospects and future customers will be draw to your passion and authenticity.


I personally enjoy working online, because it gives me a sense of freedom of being able to work where I want as long as there is a internet connection. In addition, it has allowed me to create a global team as well as a local one. Regardless, if you see the internet as a torment on society or a benefit, the future of MLM is online and you are either a part of that moment or you are going to fail.  

So, consider this the next time you think about something you want to buy and how many times you open your phone or laptop to find out where you can buy it from and how much it costs. This is going to be the same situation when someone wants to buy doTERRA products. The customer simply want to buy essential oils online for your webshop or somebody else. The key to your success is learn how they make them buy from yours.  


This article was published on 19.05.2021 by Steven Jackson
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