Network Marketing Inc. Launches Text Messaging Marketing for the MLM Industry

July 16, 2016

Dallas, Texas, United States

Network Marketing Inc., a subsidiary company of Dustin Mitchell, LLC and Dustin Mitchell EU Partners, LTD has announced that it is now offering extremely affordable text and audio text marketing/SMS services to members of the direct sales, affiliate marketing, MLM, and network marketing industry.

The platform is not only completely customizable, but also has a white label for clients who are interested in marketing SMS marketing services to their customers.

The platform is not only beneficial to members of the network marketing industry, but can also be highly beneficial to those involved in the real estate industry and other businesses where immediate information about the business can be communicated to the prospective client via an SMS relay code.

Custom keywords are available and packages start as low as $10 a month.

Contact Dustin Mitchell at Network Marketing Inc. to get your free quote. (469) 642-5111

Network Marketing Inc. is a leading consulting and distributor support service provider for corporate direct sales companies.



• Corporate Strategy

• Brand Strategy

• Product Strategy

• Sales/Marketing Strategy

• Compensation Program Development

• Commission Payment Programs

• Website Development

• Back Office Development


• Brand Identity

• Message Architecture

• Brand Architecture

• Packaging


• Marketing Collateral / Sales Tools

• Video / Media Production

• Custom Publications

• Success From Home Magazine


• Business Starter Kits

• Print on Demand

• Branded Apparel

• Event Speaker Services

• Personal Development

Our mission is to work hand in hand with our clients so that we can provide their independent distributors the necessary tools and training required to build a successful direct sales business.


I was brought back to my conversations with the founders in How They Did It when I read about a couple here in the US, Elza and Vivian Moses, ages 102 and 97 respectively, who’ve been married 80 years. That’s eighty years of marriage for this couple, starting from their wedding day in 1930, when Elza was 22 and his bride Vivian was 17. That’s an amazing accomplishment on so many levels of longevity, and brings up a point that a number of interviewers have been asking me since the book launched.

Do champion company founders tend to have strong marriages?

The answer is yes, but that’s not an unqualified, easy “yes”. I didn’t shy away from asking about work/life balance – but reaching great success is not always a pretty picture. Most of the champion entrepreneurs I interviewed have had what appears to be smooth sailing: one marriage over the course of many years. Based on comments from them I know that eight had at least one former marriage under their belt, and in some cases, multiple marriages.

Glen Tullman said it best – “Being an entrepreneur has everything to do with putting every second and every ounce of energy into building your business. No venture guy will ever invest in your business if you say your life is ‘in balance.’”

Most people tend to think that the external world – including work – impacts our relationships and either builds or hurts them. I think of it the other way around: if you are blessed with good personal relationships, everything flows out from that point and makes everything else easier and less important, including the circumstances of work.The odds of Elza and Vivian living and being married that long are 1 in 7 million. Way to go!

This article was published on 17.07.2016 by Dustin Mitchell
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