Hello. My name is Joseph Gannon, and I'm the administrator of a new opportunity in the Gourmet Meat arena.  The website...   The product... Restaurant Quality Meat   The price?... You wouldn't believe me.

Do you currently shop at Costco or Sam's Club?  Does either warehouse chain offer referral bonuses for bringing other members or do they offer to pay for your stuff for simply having a membership?  I didn't think so.  Our program is different.  While we offer direct sales of Restaurant Quality meat delivered to your door at equal to or less than your local grocer prices, our Cadillac program is the "Meat of the Month" Club.  For roughly the same cost of a Costco or Sam's Club membership, for simply referring others, you will earn automatic home delivery of your favorite cuts of beef, chicken, pork and seafood without spending anything extra, all for simply signing up, referring a few others, and cycling through our program.  You'll also receive $2500 cash bonuses to Paypal over and over again for each completed 4-cycle phase.  Additionally, EVERY member is also entitled to receive a laptop/printer bundle, a deep freezer, and a BBQ Grill.

Receive referral bonuses of $5 to $15, and participate in referral contests.  Join us in the "Meat of the Month" Club... The better way to buy your meat.

If that's not enough, as you cycle through the "Meat of the Month" Club, you'll receive paid entries into 2 additional programs, over and over again... Groceries4Life and the "Gift Card a Month" Club.  Each opportunity again structured as a cycler, will provide you with additional money for groceries and gift cards you can use at your favorite places to shop instead of using your own pocket money.  For each Gift Card level you complete, you'll receive either a PAID VACATION or Paypal cash bonus, anywhere from $1000 to $10,000.

As you cycle through the "Gift Card a Month" Club, you'll receive paid entries into the "Movie a Month" Club and the Housing4Life Co-Op.  The "Movie a Month" Club is also a cycler program with 4 cycles in one level, and that level repeats over and over again.  Receive endless supplies of movie tickets to your mailbox, $500 cash rebates at the end of every calendar year, and additional paid entries in the Housing4Life Co-Op and the "Meat of the Month" Club. 

If you take advantage of a special offer, you can join the "Meat of the Month" Club, "Gift Card a Month" Club, and the "Movie a Month" Club, all 3 opportunities for a one-time $5 investment.  Visit to learn more about each opportunity to make your choice.  This $5 price will go up once we fill our remaining 40 spots.  Time is of the essence.

This article was published on 30.06.2016 by Joseph Gannon
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