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Preaching To The Choir

Hello, everyone!  Thank you for reading my announcement. 

I originally had some reservations about writing this announcement because I felt the content I wanted to share was probably well understood. I mean after all, this community is full of network marketing professionals who I assume know a thing or two about marketing already. 

However, I was told a long time ago to never assume, because when you do, you make an "ass" out of "u" and "me."   Ha-Ha-Ha!    If you're under 30,  you've probably never heard that saying huh? 

Anyway, I have a quick question for you. 

How are you building your business? 

Sorry,  what I meant to say is besides using MLMGateway to network, what marketing methods are you using to garner fresh targeted leads to build your business?  Are you creating YouTube videos, or are you using Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc), Solo ads, Traffic exchanges, PPC (Pay-per-Click), Article Marketing, Forums, Blogging? 

Well, every one of the methods above work great...if implemented consistently. Here's a cautionary tip though.  Using Pay-per-Click advertising can be costly if you don't know what you're doing.  (Chuckle) Now ask me and Google how I know that.  I use some of the above methods myself to promote my primary business. And I get a lot of traffic to my lead capture pages.  But there's one method I didn't include that I thought I would be "PREACHING TO THE CHOIR" about.  I'll get to it in a second.  

So what's this method I had reservations about sharing with you because I assu, oops I mean, figured you already knew about?   

Network Marketing Genealogy Leads!

Know what they are? And if so. Are you using them? If not, why not? 

For those of you who don't know what they are, Network Marketing Genealogy lead lists consist of the name, email, telephone, name of company, of people who have signed up as a distributor for various network marketing companies in the past.  In a lot of cases some of the people on these lists are still current with the same company they originally signed on with.

The people on these lists are obviously the ones you want to share your business opportunity with because they are PROVEN buyers who will take action, and they have already proven to do so. They have paid their hard-earned money to get started in one program or another and have a genuine interest in either network marketing, a high ticket direct sales program, gifting or other related offers.

With the caliber of people on these lists, you don't have to convince them of the legitimacy of your business. They're not the type that's going to think you're an alien from outer space when you talk to them about it. 

And one more thing about Genealogy leads, they provide a super effective way of reaching other like-minded LEADERS with which to help you grow your business! These heavy hitters know other heavy hitters and top producers in the industry who they can call upon to join them should they get excited about your offer.  Talk about building your downline fast.  Whew!  You get a hold of one these heavy hitters and you're all set.

This leads (no pun intended) me to of course, to share with you a resource where you can obtain Network Marketing Genealogy Leads at a reasonable cost.   If interested please email me at and I'll share with you what I have.

Before I let you go, you can also develop your own genealogy lead list by taking advantage of a free service I've been promoting lately that's really helped me automatically increase enrollments in my primary business. 

Go here and check it out ==>

I forgot, did I say it was FREE?

To Your Success,

Frank Mayes

This article was published on 07.12.2016 by Frank F. Mayes
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