MarketHive social network launching soon

The MarketHive social network for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs provides an ecosystem of collaborating entrepreneurial efforts that can produce many amazing results. So what do I mean when I say for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, the answer is simple. The MarketHive system has been built by highly skilled and dedicated entrepreneurs from various industries throughout the world. The leader of MarketHive could have tried to do this by himself. While many of us can only date back to MySpace being one of the first social networks prior to Facebook, LinkedIn and others, The owner of MarketHive actually had a global social network back in the mid 90's. he then built another business social network called Veretekk that lasted for almost 15 years until about 3 years ago. That long lasting social business network alone had over 15 million registered users and a few million paid users too!

Instead of rebuilding or keeping up a network that even in today's world could still be considered state-of-the-art, he decided to just Go For It. I still remembered our phone conversation a little more than 3 years ago. I hadn't spoke with him in over 6 or 7 years. There was no need to because I was having really good success with his Veretekk Free and paid version system. He was not able to take my call but he did call me back the next day only to stop me in my tracks. he said I hate to tell you that I'm shutting down your system within a year or so to build something else. When he filled me in with what he was thinking, his thinking became my belief. Here is a man that not only created the first social network but also the first self replicating website along with email marketing back then too. The kicker is that when he creates something , it's always better than everything else.

This time what he is doing will be so much better because he's become so much smarter over the years as technology has evolved. Instead of doing everything by himself, he was able to attract some very special professional people to join in. I've now watch MarketHive being built over the last 3 years with our input and then evolve into something so much better right in front of our eyes. His engineering team lead by Steve is unbelievable and I will leave that right there. All i know is that if you ever used his Veretekk online marketing system, MarketHive is so much more powerful. If you are a network marketer that want to help others market online then you will want to get here now and expose MarketHive to your prospects before they start exposing it to you. Remember that the old database of those millions of past subscribers will soon be getting that MarketHive warm-up email. Wouldn't it be better if they got their MarketHive open for business email from you?

Bruce Jacobs

This article was published on 23.11.2015 by Bruce Jacobs
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