iCharity Club - International Member To Member Platform

iCharity Club Is a Member To Member Donation Platform, or Peer-to-Peer platform.
No one manages your funds. The money goes directly into YOUR account. No fees. You donate $20 and you will be a part of the donation system. People will send money to your payment processor of choice.

iCharity Club

Do you feel stuck? Have you recently lost a job? A business?
....perhaps it's the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Here's how. Take the first step to complete the journey re-inventing yourself. People grow, circumstance change, to cope and thrive you must take stock and of who you are and who you are becoming. Our International iCharity team is awaiting your arrival. We are standing by to work with you side by side. Not meaning to brag here but you won't find that very often.

Are you sick and Tired of Scams and Ponzi schemes?

I sure am and I bet you my bottom dollar that you are too. Have you reached a point where you are so terrified of "Booby Traps " flooding your inbox every single day and people constantly send you invites that you inadvertently pass up an awesome opportunity that only comes along every so often? Well, rest assured that I would never invite you to join my International team in iCharity Club if it was a "Booby Trap" that's just not what my team and I do.

$10,000 per month potential in 90 days.
Yes that is possible.

iCharity Club $10,000

100% Of All Monies… come back to its members. ZERO Admin Fees – and is totally free to use.

1. From the $100 you receive, you can upgrade to $40 paying it forward to "Sue". Now you are qualified to receive $40 upgrades from your second level below.

iCharity napkin presentation slide 1

2.As your first 5 sponsor 5 each, your second lvl can develop 25 people. When these 25 upgrade with $40, from the $100 they receive you can receive $40 from each of these second lvl 25 people.

iCharity napkin presentation slide 2

3. As your second lvl 25 people sponsor5 each, your third lvl can grow to 125 people. When your third lvl people upgrade to $80, you can potentially receive $80 from each person.

iCharity napkin presentation slide 3

4.As each of your ten levels expands below you, you can receive progressively bigger payments from bigger and bigger numbers of people upgrading from all ten levels.

iCharity napkin presentation slide 4

If you are able to recruit 5 who recruit 5 who recruit 5, the potential earnings is $10,000

Just imagine what is possible when it goes on and on and on.
Spillover from upline and spillunder from downline also counts.

iCharity chart

When YOUR matrix is filled up, the Summary of income is beyond any imagination.
This will probably not happen to anyone but this is theoreticly correct.

iCharity potential earnings income

iCharity disclaimer

You get paid directly to your payment processor of choice.

These are just some examples of what you can add to your back office.

YOU decide.

iCharity payment options

Please Click Here to view the whole presentation.

Share your blessings! to receive more blessings!!!! Do it with icharity club!!!

More details, send an email to me at hellotonet@gmail.com

This article was published on 21.03.2016 by Magnus Berg
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