Matrixwar peer to peer donation of bitcoin

This is dedicated to team work..we are called MATRIXWAR we show you how to turn one time 0.015btc i.e just 11$ into 168btc monthly.

I strongly advice that you throw away every form of insinuation and empty your mind to learn exactly how this works. After all, you'll not be forced to invest even a cent if it doesn't look like what you like.

*What Is BITCOIN?*

In a simple form, bitcoin is one of the reigning and most expensive digital currencies known as crypto currency.

1 bitcoin equals to over $612 as at today.

The business we are going to be talking about uses bitcoin for its operations and it shows how to earn over 1664Bitcoin (around $1,018,368) as fast as you can.

*How to Earn Up to $1,018,368 Over and Over Again With a one time investment of $11 in a company called MATRIX WAR*

It is a program I made back my startup cost $11 and additional profit in THE FIRST 10 MINUTES!! And about $200 the same day I start" This was made possible because:

1) of this dynamic group I belong to.

2) the high rate people are joining MATRIX WAR. Members are automatically placed under one another(spillover ) as they sign up, meaning that you can earn tremendously without referring.

3) It gives opportunity to earn fast

4) is it new and very rewarding.

MATRIX WAR is a member to member donation matrix (2x8) that can allow you to turn a one time investment of 0.015btc ($11) into as much as 1664 btc ($1,018,368) on a monthly basis.

All that is required is One-Time donation of 0.015btc and two persons under you. Simple!

Bitcoin is ever increasing against most other currencies.

MATRIX WAR is currently the only platform you can earn more amount of bitcoin within a short time which translates into thousands of dollars. With a one-time donation of $11, you earn at every level as shown below. ...��

(THIS IS BASED ON EVERYONE JUST GETTING 2 participants into the system [if you have more than 2 , the system automatically placed it as spillover under your team member. This accelerates you in the matrix movement. And in case you have difficulties referring the two people, the system automatically places to people under you in the matrix)

*LEVEL 1:* 2{ ur 2 downlines pays u 0.015btc each. 0.015BTC is about $9}

Your bitcoin received = 0.03btc – 0.02btc (upgrade to level 2). You pay who the system assigns to u 0.040btc from the total of 0.08 btc received from your 2 direct downlines.

= 0.01btc as your profit for level 1 {0.06-0.05}

The two downlines bring in two of their downlines each; now 4 new members under u. So it continues like that. ...level 6.

*LEVEL 2:* 4 x 0.020btc ($48)=0.080btc


After u donate 0.020btc monthly

*LEVEL 3:* 8 x 0.040btc=0.32btc donate 0.040btc to upgrade to level 4 (0.32btc=$196monthly)

*LEVEL 4:* 16 x 0.100btc=1.60btc upgrade to level 5 by donating 0.100btc(1.60btc=$979monthly)

*LEVEL 5:* 32 x 0.500btc=16.0btc upgrade to level 6 by donating 0.500btc

(16.0btc=$9,792 monthly)

*LEVEL 6:* 64 x 1.00btc upgrade to level 7 by donating 1.00btc(64.00btc=$39,168 monthly) LEVEL 7:*

You earned at every level. At level 6, you pocket 128 btc.

1 btc is around $613. Do the calculation.

The best recruiters in our team each get two to five downlines per week and it goes as spillovers to those that are not able to get downlines. So there is no reason to be afraid of not having downlines... 

Follow this link to register

This article was published on 17.11.2016 by Isaac Ohibor
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