This is not a theory -- it has already begun. It is the $6 trillion market switch from dirty, polluting fossil fuels towards clean renewable energy. Now you can lead the way (plus save money) with your own home by upgrading to solar (even if you don’t own your home, keep reading – the people who lead this switch will make fortunes).

“Do you OWN THE SWITCH™…or is your money going up in smoke?”

With all of the tax credits, incentives, mandates of governments, presidents and country leaders, encouragement by the Pope, agreements at the recent UN Global Climate Summit, as well as the voice of concerned celebrities and the scientific community… solar has reached a global tipping point.

In fact, the utility trade group Edison Electric Institute (EEI) recently warned that: "rooftop solar could do to the utility industry what digital photography did to Kodak.” Some of the major factors contributing to this global switch are:

• Breakthroughs in solar costs and efficiency over the last 5 years

• Ongoing increases in electric costs and consumption

• Increasing public awareness and desire for clean, green, earth friendly energy

• Zero down solar ownership (this is our innovation) that not only makes solar affordable for homeowners and businesses… but starts saving them money by generating their own power from the very first day

It’s like a solar tsunami … and fortunes will be made by those that get properly aligned and OWN THE SWITCH™.

To profit from this global transformation, I joined CREW, PBC, a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to “decentralize the production of energy and the creation of wealth by empowering people.” Companies like UBER and AirBnB have documented the power of a decentralized model. CREW is creating a grassroots movement of 100,000 people to help bring $10 trillion in solutions directly to consumers over the next decade.

CREW is uniquely positioned with the right talent, mission, vision and business model to not only ride the wave, but become a market leader. CREW was recently founded by Robert Styler -- one of the true pioneers with 10 years experience in 25 years of high-level field and corporate direct selling experience. Solar is our first product and we partnered with the fastest growing and highest rated solar company in America – Dividend Solar. So we have all the upside of a “startup” -- and we are backed by hundred of millions.

Together, Robert and his team have created a one of a kind Direct Selling/MLM hybrid where you can join for FREE, with just a few solar upgrades earn thousands of dollars per month and go to the top of the Rewards Plan through your own personal efforts – without ever building a “Crew” (you can earn a whole lot more if you chose to build a Crew).

The market is HUGE. Industry experts indicate 48 million homes in the US could save money by switching to solar (and we can get paid an average of $2,500 per home). By only capturing 1% of the market, CREW would pay out $100’s of Millions in commissions and quickly become a billion dollar company. Wow!

Yes... the TIMING and INCOME POTENTIAL is extraordinary! But I’m just as thrilled to feel the sense of mission, excitement and commitment in the hearts and minds of the people who are joining us.

1.  Check out my CREW Business website:    

2.  My CREW Customer/Homeowner website:  

And please let me prove to you the benefits and savings solar can provide. If you are a homeowner, I’d like to offer you a FREE Home Solar Energy Saving Assessment. All I need is your address, contact info and average monthly electric bill and it will design your own personalized savings assessment … no cost… no obligation, but good information to have.

Do you OWN THE SWITCH™…or is your money going up in smoke?

And whether you own your home or not … I’d love you to consider joining our movement. We are just starting to get the word out and you are among the very first in the world to learn about CREW... so the timing and opportunity are quite unique.

Let me know if you have questions, want more information or would like to review the Rewards Plan (you can even earn a free Tesla by spreading sunshine).

Together we can help people “own the switch.” Let’s talk soon,


Lane K. Johnson


Cell: 903-917-8638

“There are no passengers on Space Ship Earth. We are all crew.” Marshall McLuhan, 1967

This article was published on 23.02.2016 by Lane Johnson
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