Team Leader Needed Urgently to work alongside Medical Doctor

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this announcement. I am new to MLM Gateway but excited to see what it has to offer!

I am a medical doctor, based in Western Australia and I am a Doterra Distributor. I have been interested in complimentary health and wellness for many years, having experienced 2 major health crises that left me wondering how I could stay healthy and see my grandchildren grow up, given that my son was only 4 at the time! 

I first started using products from an MLM company back in 1998 and my health certainly improved through the use of quality supplements and a lifestyle that included a healthy diet, regular exercise and management of my stress levels through yoga, meditation and long walks along the beautiful coast here in Western Australia.

So, Doterra is not my first MLM business but I am confident it will be the last as the company and products are amazing! These Essential Oils help people in ways that are unique to each of us and compliment other methods of supporting one's health and wellbeing. They speak to the unconscious mind and support change even when we are not trying. They make life more pleasurable, easier and far less stressful as a minimum!

I came across the oils via a patient late last year and since then have built a successful business. I have a great team who are all very genuine, loving and heartfelt. Systems are in place that enable the team to showcase the products with all their international friends and networks, there is weekly training via various mediums that I facilitate and our products just walk out the metaphorical internet based "door".

Any great business requires repeat sales and when you love a product, you go back to it over and over - it's easy! When you can use the products in all aspects of life - to make your home or workplace smell amazing, to change the mood of those around you in a positive way, to keep your house free of toxins, to have quality personal care products that make a difference and smell great, to supplement your diet with good vitamins and minerals, you have the basis for a fantastic business that not only earns you an income but also enables and empowers others towards a better quality of life. You go to sleep every night knowing you have made the world a better, healthier place for those you have met along the way....

So, why this announcement? Because I need to fill a gap in my existing team. One of my leaders needs to step away and I need to replace her. I am looking for someone with sales skills, leadership ability, a willingness to learn and a passion for health and wellbeing generally. What's more, for the right person, it will cost you very little -  just time to connect with me and see if you and I are a fit to work together. I need to find this person urgently, as I do not want this gap to continue.

Here is a link to my Doterra website.  If you wish to order or join this way, you can do so easily but be sure to register for a wholesale account! If you are unsure what to order, then contact me for help!

Here is a link to my Wellness Alchemy FB page  where I post about the 9 Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes required for good health and longevity. Using  the Doterra Essential Oils is just part of the plan for health and longevity in my mind....If nothing else, please like the FB page and stay connected this way.

If you would like to contact me, please do so via the Facebook page or this site. I would love to meet you, hear YOUR story and see how we could work together.

This article was published on 15.06.2016 by Joanne Samer
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