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I have been in the Making Money Online Industry for over 5 years now and a business owner for over 30 years.

I have been in many programs and have had success. Some of the programs are very high dollar membership programs, I sell PLR products and regular concrete products as well. Some of the programs provide exceptional training as well as total automation.

I have built some downlines to well over 6000 members and have several list I use daily. Yet, one of the most pressing problems I have had is the price point of the programs. You see if the programs are too pricey it makes the program hard for the average person to become a part of it. And since most people are starting online to make money, they don't have the extra money to spend on getting started. And no matter how many times I share the startup cost in my concrete offline businesses, the 1000's of dollars it takes just to get started, that still doesn't help a new person who just doesn't have the money.

The second hindrance is that most newbies lack the training, even in the simplest aspects of marketing and that holds them back. This causes frustration and failure. And because there is a learning curve that must occur to be successful, most just don't get it.

So over the years I have been searching the net for a program that was cost efficient, provided simple training and was easily accessible to anyone.

About 1 month ago I found such a program. NWC Reloaded.


 NWC stands for National Wealth Center, and I had      looked at this program before but didn't get involved  then. There is a team in NWC called the Dream Chasers.  And it was through them I discovered a new way to  become a part of NWC, but at such a low cost that  anyone could afford.

 Dream Chasers provides a way for anyone to join for  only 2 quarters. That's right, only $.50 gets you started. And for that $.50, you get an amazing back office that to me is a jewel. These are just a few of the things included in the back office:

1- The Opportunity- Group History

2- Explanation on how to get Started

3- The 4 Phases of the program to make money

4- The Mission and Team Training

5- Motivation and Inspiration

6- Facebook Ads for Groups

7- FB Picture Ads

8- Listing of the best FB Groups and Auto-posters

9- Think and Grow Rich

10- The Reply Message when someone Ask for Info

Now this may not seem like much too many of you but I have seen the same Facebook training sell for hundreds of dollars and in Dream Chasers it’s a basic in the back office.

This alone let me know the leaders here are serious about helping others achieve the success they desire.

Last but not the lease, the FB Group for Dream Chasers.

I am amazed at how our leaders are there 24/7 providing details, answers, and handle concerns of all the members. They are always upbeat and encouraging. At times they say the hard things that people don't want to hear.

But to be successful we all need a push in the right direction at times.

This is one of the best programs I have ever been a part of because now I have a tool to help anyone in my downline who is struggling. And NWC is an excellent opportunity to introduce my newbies to that doesn't break their bank account.

If you have not heard about the Dream Chasers and NWC it is time you did.

Remember the 3 things one should always look for when joining or starting a new business:

1- Product & Customers

2- Cost

3- Duplication

NWC answers all 3 questions.

1- Product/Customers- The making money online niche and there are 1000's who are looking for a way

do the same.

2- Only $.50 to get started.

3- Duplication- This is so easy. All anyone has to do is follow the leaders and promote daily.


If you are really looking for a way to make money easily online take the time to visit NWC.

If you are looking for a way to help those people in your downlines that are serious, hard workers

but have never achieved success. Expose them to NWC and the Dream Chasers.


NWC/Dream Chasers is a powerful, legit opportunity that is changing the lives of anyone who is

serious and doesn't mind working. It is a business and businesses require work.

Here, we work Smarter not Harder.

Come on, Chase Your Dream.

Michael Harris

Dream Chaser

This article was published on 17.10.2016 by Michael Harris
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