Play Ball! Earn Like a Pro

Owning a business takes effort and work, but it can also be fun.

While I have spent the majority of my adult life working for the Canadian Government, I have taught my daughters to strive to work for themselves and not for someone else. Brick and mortar businesses, although a much needed and welcome entity to any economy, comes with the cost of having a physical building as well.

I am a huge fan of Network Marketing and have been involved in a few companies over the years. I have attended countless business opportunity presentations. There are a great deal of really good businesses out there, but some are harder than others to sell and to build a team. The bottom line that most people don't want to admit, is that they really are hoping to find something that can help them "get rich quick". I'll admit it, I would love for that to happen, but unless you win a lottery, it usually doesn't.

I can say without a doubt that I believe my current venture is by far the most lucrative opportunity I have ever seen. I have followed this system for the past ten years (as it has been getting perfected) and I am blown away by how the "Chief Visionary Officer's" mind works. The compensation program allows for your commissions to be absolutely phenomenal!

This baseball-themed program allows you to run a great Network Marketing business and have fun collecting "baseball cards" (for each sale) as well. You can join a team for free (there is a $50 US registration fee) and create sales to “run around” the bases. The various products are amazing and innovative. They help the environment, save you money on everyday spending and vacations, and with building wealth.

As a distributor, there is even an option to donate some of your commission earnings to charities dedicated to saving the planet through tree planting, reduction of one-time-use plastics, environmental education, and sustainable living. Make (and share) the Wealth!

This global business is innovative and has all four items that make and opportunity real:

    • Revolutionize an existing Industry

    • Create a new industry

    • Focus on Distribution

    • Massive Profitability

Don’t let this opportunity pass by. Check out the videos and Earn like a Pro. My nickname (for access) is shirlee.

Feel free to contact me: or on WhatsApp; +5016232583 with the text: I’m In!

This article was published on 27.09.2019 by Shirlee Arnould
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HRI - Wealth, Health,, 50 USD to join

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