Major shift happening in the home business industry [which side are you on?]

Do you get positive engagement on your social media posts when you share a cute photo of your kids or your pets

...but when you try and post about your business you get nothing but crickets and tumble weeds?

Does it feel like you are being treated like some kind of internet leper when you try and share your MLM opportunity online?

Does your approach to promoting your business online make you feel spammy and weird?

These experiences can be debilitating for home business owners and it may be easier to fix than you realize.

See, these issues stem from a larger problem that home business owners face which I call

"Carbon Copy Blindness

Heres how it works...

When an online audience start seeing the same thing over and over again, they become blind to it.

The same thing happened with "banner ads" in the early 2000's...

Banner ads are simple display ads that started to appear across websites in the 1990s.

The first banner had a click through rate of like 47%. It was crazy high.

However, after banner ads started becoming more and more popular they became less and less effective.

To the point where if you could get a 2% click through rate on your banner ad you were among the top banner advertisers in the world.

The term banner blindness became a way of describing why banners lost so much of their effectiveness.

It's actually a function of the human brain.

If we keep seeing the same thing over and over again we begin to unconsciously file it into a folder in our mind called, "I already know about that.

And because our brains are bombarded with information (especially on social media) we develop mental systems for identifying what to prioritize and what to ignore.

So when a social media follower sees your Facebook or LinkedIn posts yelling about why your product, company or comp plan is "the best..."

And yours is the 10th post they saw that day from 10 different networkers all saying pretty much the same thing

They file your post away into the Ignore folder because it occurred as completely common to them.

And when they get another message from a complete stranger asking "if they keep their options open to new streams of income if it didnt interfere with what theyre currently doing or some variation of that

...It's as though a sales radar starts flashing red in their mind...

Warning! Warning! You are about to be awkwardly solicited by a complete stranger to join a "one of those things.

Yet that is how 97% of network marketers continue to approach building their businesses online.

Because that is how every network marketer is taught to promote online. It's downright painful to watch!

And its getting harder and harder due to more and more people turning to home business due to economic uncertainty and a myriad of other issues.

Those marketing approaches (that are being taught to millions of network marketers worldwide) actually creates resistance with prospects because they are so common.

Effective marketing decreases resistance.

So all it takes is a simple shift in your marketing approach (and usually your audience) to turn the tables

And have prospects welcoming you into their world as a hero...

Rather than just another MLM sales rep trying to sell them something.

It's a refreshing (and more profitable) way to promote your business online.

I explain this in detail in chapter 3 of my new book, The Digital Enrollment Machine And throughout the accompanying 5 part video series...

Get the details and secure your copy here

Adam Chandler

P.S. There is a major shift happening in the home business industry right now...

Those who are embracing digital marketing are thriving like never before while those who refuse are getting left behind in record numbers.

I created this extremely low cost training program to help you get on the winning side of this equation once and for all. Ultimately the choice is yours.

This article was published on 02.07.2020 by Adam Chandler
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