Have you heard...? A ‘magical’ business opportunity awaits

Hi everyone! Not too long ago I’ve received a message, I liked to share with you. Its content was the following;

The annual reports of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) suggest that the turnover generated the direct sales has been on the increase worldwide.

The Federation published their report regarding the last year a few weeks ago – and it is still the same story: the popularity of network marketing is unwavering.

The total global turnover of direct sales reached a record in 2018: USD 192.9 billion. This is an increase of 1.2% compared to the 2017 figure! The largest market of the sector, according to the 2018 report, is the APAC region followed by North America, South America and Europe. The smallest turnovers were generated by the markets of Africa and the Middle East – however, if we look at the annual growth rate, these markets are leading the way!

What are the most popular products, you may wonder. Well, the clear leading segments in this respect are wellness (33.2%) and cosmetics (31.2%).

My company has been on the market for six years, developing steadily. Today it is officially present in each EU member state. It is time for the next step – that is why the company is preparing to enter the largest of international markets. I am looking forward having remarkably years ahead of me. “Me” – including you!

I’m proud to be part of this great opportunity and with such numerous health-conscious people joining the company, who pay attention to the way they nourish and nurture their bodies. You are surely like that, too.

How do you get started and taking part in this one in a lifetime opportunity:

Registration is free of charge and non-binding. There are no obligations, just one major difference: the chance to be part of a bonus system which could lead to a passive income over time. Those wishing to take the opportunity should consider the following for the first order:

A) if the total of your first order is smaller than 80PV (PV = product volume/ equating to EUR 80 net) you are registered as a customer and receive the products with a price saving of 30% but you cannot be a part of the bonus system.

B) if the total of your first order is at least 80PV you are registered as a customer. Beside the benefits of A) you can also take advantage of the bonus system.

C) if the first order is a Business Package (400PV= EUR 400 net) you are registered as a customer in potentially the largest payment category. I recommend this type of initial order to people who strive to build their own network making business.

Please note that the products are only available in a few countries, but the market has terrific potential for growth.

If, you like to know more either about the products or the business opportunity then get in touch with me ASAP. 

With love and appreciation 


Telegram: https://t.me/aureate_living 

Email: aureateliving@gmail.com

Ps: here are three testimonials of my direct partners*,

*I recently travelled back from Latin America and found a red, raised rash on my lower right arm. Used the spray twice a day over 4 days and the rash has faded away almost entirely.

male, London May 2019

 Eczema on arm

*I had a week of the treatment spray, sprayed ones in the morning and ones in the evening. Not only did it smell nice, I started to see an improvement after a day. The irritation definitely calmed down.

female, London June 2019 

*I have had a hip injury for a few months and have had many sports massages to ease the pain but nothing helped. I sprayed my hip 3 times in the space of a few hours and felt instant pain relief. I was no longer aware of it when I walked and I will continue to use the spray when I think I need it.

female, London June 2019 

Note: The application of these products must never replace medical or healing practices, and there is no promise of healing. You must always follow the advice given by your doctor or alternative practitioner. The use of these products is always at your own risk, and should always take place following consultation with your doctor or alternative practitioner.

This article was published on 25.08.2019 by Ines Radicke
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