Make Money from Social Influence Marketing with $22

Let me tell you my story. . .

I'm 25years old, an engineering graduate with experiences in operations management, logistics, HR management and general management as well as being a volunteer in a reputable organization. Having been a leader of some sort from high school to college to after college, I realized that I knew a whole lot of people and they know me too but I was SAD. I was sad because I felt it all ended with "I know this person blah blah blah" without actually making money from it, without commercializing it. I had a whole number of persons that without much persuasion believe what I say and seek my advice on matters but I wasn't paid for it. Until when I realized that I knew a whole of persons that I realized that I was an influencer in my own circle and also realized that every other persons are influencers in their own spheres.

I got introduced to and joined (for $22), this money spinning opportunity, Zarfund, that has enabled me make $112 back ($90 profit) in just two weeks of joining this business opportunity by harnessing and leveraging on my influence and I want you to believe that you're your own influencer and your own brand and can end up making even times 10 of what I made in just one week. Just start from one person, then the next, then the next, before you know it you attain riches and amass funds for that your pending project in less than 1month.

This marketing opportunity that allows you to leverage on your influence, encourages peer-to-peer payment and runs on the currency of the future, bitcoin  and it costs 0.03bitcoin to join, approximately $22. This network marketing business has just six levels and requires each person to bring in two persons to join the team and then, the community moves, hence, the faster downlines are recruited, the faster you move from one level to another.

To join, register here: and if you need more enquiries, contact me on whatsapp here: +2348052660417

To make your registration smarter and faster, as you register under zarfund, endeavor to open a digital currency wallet (blockchain or coinbase) are most recommended but if you have another wallet, it's very much allowed. The reason is because you don't pay Zarfund, but pay your upline or sponsors as it were.

The world is a global village, and the world thrives on globalization, so I look forward to having you join my team from other countries. 

Cheers to the future we create from now!


This article was published on 14.11.2016 by Joshua 'Funbi Koya (JFK)
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ZARFUND GLOBAL - Influence marketing, 22 USD to join

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