This Loop Hole Will Get You Laser Targeted Leads to Your Offer 100% FREE!

This offer is currently for opportunities that are not exclusively for women. l am talking about a website called MLM Companies For Men. The new website is already ranking on the first page of Google for terms such as Zennoa Product Review, Zennoa MLM, Zennoa Compensation Plan and so forth. There is an offer for women at the end though.   

Now, here are a few questions which l will address using ‘The Loophole’.

Have you wondered why we bother people who are not interested in MLM or Network Marketing yet every month there are on average 110,000 and 135, 000 people searching for network marketing and MLM opportunities respectively in Google?

Why is it that when our prospects search for our ‘MLM Company Reviews’, only websites by haters of MLM or NWM pop up who will refer them to affiliate marketing programs instead?

Well, it is mainly because most MLMs don’t allow us to create our own websites to promote their products for legal reasons. It is also because most of us do not have the skills, time or finances needed to create our own websites. That is where websites such as MLM Gateway come in.

They saw the weakness; The Loophole affiliate marketers are exploiting!

Another way to beat people who write negative reviews about our opportunities who call themselves ‘scam busters’ is to follow exactly how they are doing it. Write program reviews --- in a positive way! (l will talk about how and where in a moment).

Yes, l mean doing exactly how the do it. Writing;

MLM (name) Review, How it works, Training, marketing materials & support, …. Compensation plan, ls …. a scam, pyramid scheme or legit?, Final verdict. They use keywords that people search for in search engines in each program review post. We will do the same... LOL.

… BUT there is a problem?

Here is the major problem; individuals who write negative reviews about MLM companies do so in-order for them to promote their own opportunities after bashing other programs. Now, there is no point or motivation for anyone promoting an MLM to create a website and write positive reviews of MLMs because in the end … there is NO benefit? You cannot join every MLM that you review.

But, let us take a step back for a moment …. 

Websites like Google, Facebook, Quora, Redditt and many others have millions of visitors but they rarely create content on their websites. You and me spend hours writing the content for our own benefit, they in-turn benefit from advertising to us and people searching for the content we posted. Its a Win - Win!

That was my AHAA moment … I said to myself, let me create a website on which people (men) who love MLM can share positive reviews about their opportunities … since they have motivation to do so. If your review ranks on the first page of Google, you get free traffic and leads to your offer even while you sleep. You will include links to your websites (No affiliate links … uncle Google hates them). 

There is a catch though, just like Google and Facebook .... l will also post some adverts on the website to earn money. That is again a Win – Win situation.

However, if it fails to rank on the first page in-spite of the SEO efforts, at least you will have tried … you have lost an hour or two of your valuable time. You can still refer your prospects to the positive review though using links. In any case, you can request to take down your review anytime.

P/S: Unfortunately, to avoid the website being penalized by Google and there are too many MLM companies …. only one review will be posted per company.

That is how l came up with a website called There is nothing chauvinistic about the name, it is just for branding. Remember, most man work with their partners in promoting their opportunities. If l get 10 women interested in building a similar website … l am ready for it. They can choose the colors, theme and write the content …. Deal.

This deal is at the moment only exclusive to MLM Gateway members. So rush to the website, click on post review link and read the terms. Write your detailed review and paste it in the commentary box then wait for it to be posted on the website if approved. You must check if your opportunity has not been reviewed already before you waste your effort. 

If you think this is a joke, Google is Zennoa a scam, is Zennoa legit, reviews of Zennoa, Zennoa, Zennoa Compensation Plan, Zennoa mlm, Zennoa Product Review, 

Remember, it is barely a month old. Soon it will be an authority site with 100+ reviews. Don’t say l didn’t tell you.  If you have any questions or suggestions let me know.

'A few online marketers make money online because MOST people don't take ACTION!

Happy writing.

This article was published on 21.08.2016 by Upenyu Chaurura
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