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Why is time for your business to introduce conversational chatbots

The number 1 complaint about launching and running a online business or posting links is generating enough enquiries to make a sale!  If you want more qualified leads than you have to engage with potential prospects immediately!

All the old sales techniques such as  asking one of 10 Clever Questions For Taking  Control Of The Conversation And Advancing The Sale Toward Your Close is now out the window as people engage with social media. 

Social media can be a great platform to engage with your audience, but it can be hard to maintain and it is difficult to convert those engagements into leads.

Imagine if there was a tool that can help you engage with your audience instantaneously and provide them with all the information they need - even book an appointment with you or redirect to an FAQ.

Introducing a conversational chatbot that engages prospects immediately, shows them videos, info, book appointments, and answer FAQs. This allows you to have more time to focus on your business while  takes care of the engagement and lead generation.

So how do you engage 24/7 without lifting a finger? 

Chatbots have become an increasingly popular tool for businesses to improve their sales and customer service processes. By using a chatbot, businesses can provide 24/7 customer support without the need for human intervention, which can save time and money while improving customer satisfaction. Chatbots can also answer common questions and provide helpful information to customers, freeing up time for human staff to focus on more complex inquiries. Additionally, chatbots can help businesses collect valuable data from potential  prospects, which can then be used to improve marketing strategies and product offerings. By providing personalised instant assistance to customers, chatbots can also help businesses increase customer engagement and loyalty. Overall, chatbots offer a number of benefits for businesses looking to streamline their sales and customer service processes while improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

That's were we can help with the next generation conversational chatbots for your business.  It's better than websites, apps and cold calling.  Claim your demo today.

This article was published on 09.05.2023 by Diane Shawe
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