THW Global - Earn upto $25 per hour for watching videos. No investment required.

THWglobal is in its prelaunch and more than 1000 new members are joining every hour. It is going to start on 4th july 2016. If you are above 18 years having HS Diploma, then it is for you. Earn upto $25 per hour for watching videos and commenting on commercials. It is free to register. After registration, login to THWglobal and get your referral URL in the welcome letter. Earn $5 for every $25 earned by your referral in your first level. To register, click the link given below :

Login to THWglobal. Click Message archive, you will get the list of emails sent from THWGlobal. In that  one email will be ‘Welcome to THW’ . Click the corresponding ID number, you will get your welcome letter displayed. In this letter you will find your Main URL, written infront of 'YOUR REFERRAL WEBSITE #1:'. Copy that URL and send to people who are above 18 years having HS Diploma ready to work 10 hours weekly. Train them to enroll more people. By doing this you can earn upto 10 levels in your downline.

THWGlobal aims to reach 25 million International Viewers in 2017. THWGlobal wants international viewers from different languages. 4th largest global industry is - Advertising.

At present, youtube pays only to some people, who gets high traffic for their videos posted on youtube. Advertisers pay to Youtube for placing ads in Youtube videos. Viewers don’t get any income for viewing videos on youtube. But THWGlobal is different from youtube. Here viewers are paid for viewing videos, and making many people rich. But only some people get rich from youtube.

If you and  your referrals in your downline watch videos for 10 hours every week in a month, your earning estimate will be as shown below:

1)  Your earning per week will be upto  $25 x 10hours = $250.                

     In a month it will be upto $250 per week x 4 weeks---------------------------------------------------------$1,000

2)  From 10 referrals in your first level in a week $5 x 10 hours x 10referrals = $500.

     In a month it will be upto $500 per week x 4 weeks---------------------------------------------------------$2,000

3)  If your 10 referrals in your first level, fills 100 people upto 10 level

     You will get  $1 x 10 hours x 100 referrals = $1,000

      In a month it will be upto $1,000 per week x 4 weeks------------------------------------------------------$4000


     Totally you will get per month  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$7000

That means you can earn  $233 per day ( $7000/30 days=$233 ) without  investing any amount.

To register, click the link given below :

Thank you.

This article was published on 03.07.2016 by M Srinivasa
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