The 8th wonder of the World

                                                                                 The 8th wonder of the World  

I remember when i walked into a training class of income taxes, I was 24 years old when I heard about the Rule 72 Albert Einstein and on that Day, the teacher for some reason started talking about, compound interest and how Money seemingly by some magical way, will double, every so often… When I heard that my Life changed forever.


How Life Works Financially


In the Early Years, Your working and producing Years most people will get Married have a couple of children, get themselves into high debt and finally get a Mortgage By the way Your house is not an asset, like many accountants like to call it”, why simply because of the cash flow…

Your house, does not puts money into your pockets right? In fact you need to pay that mortgage every month, if you don’t … well i think you already know what happens, after what we went through with the Real Estate crash back in 2007 thus a lost of income will be devastating.

Simple put by Robert Kiyosaky one of my mentors, Cash Flow is an asset if money goes in your pockets and is a liability if money goes out of your pockets.

In the Later years, You have grown children, hopefully lower debt and definitely your mortgage paid, now what you need if you hope to retired is Income for Life, to have the same or better Lifestyle that you work for all your Life.



“Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the World, He who UNDERSTANDS IT, EARNS IT,…He who doesn’t… PAYS IT.”

–Albert Einstein

why because Your Money will double every so often, depending on your (%) percentage Return on Your money. So how it works, basically you take the number of 72 and you divide that by the (%) return on Your Money, the result is how many years will take for your money to double.




The most important single step that You can take is Pay Yourself First.

It should be at least 10% of your income, but most people can’t make that stretch, and believe me know how that feels, but I have found that if you go little by little You start changing your habits, and then the real problem is not going to be the 10% savings but the how to invest that money, I would recommend You start with $65 buying Gold every month, this is what I personally do, You may want to check it out here: Gold Savings  Club you can get Yourself into the 8th wonder of the World, The Rule 72 Albert Einstein.

This article was published on 08.07.2016 by Lester Quiroa
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