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How to start digital marketing business to build doTERRA online

The skills required for digital marketing can also be transferred to any type of business even network marketing. This article will should you how to use digital methods to build doTERRA online

There are many different opinions on how someone should build doTERRA as a business.  Of course 90% commit to the traditional modal of contacting family and friends with no real alternative if that method fails.

However, there is a real alternative that many people new to the MLM industry don't even consider.


How to build doTERRA online?

Apart from the over the top spamming on Facebook most wellness advocate shy away from building their business on the internet. There are various reasons including:

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Lack of knowledge
  • The amount of work involved
  • Lack of motivation

These are all valid reasons, but if you are serious about being a doTERRA business builder and you have used up all your other option.

Sacrifices need to be made

What are the skills required for digital marketing as a doTERRA online business builder?

If you have no skills are all, it is going to be a challenge. However, it you are willing to learn and you can use a mouse and write, I can see no reason why someone could not start to build doTERRA online.

doTERRA business building guide

Where can someone learn the skills required for digital marketing?

For the last twenty years I have been working in the MLM industry predominately online. However the last eight years I have been working with doTERRA and again building my business online.

The main complaint I received from my doTERRA team was their difficulty is enrolling new members. This is not an unusual complaint. Many people interested in network marketing have the same issue. Often they see their upline leaders recruiting people almost everyday and struggle to understand how.

In most case they have years of experience, a large social circle or in my case a system that works.

What can you do if you are new to MLM and you have no social circle?

Then of course you need to have a system that recruits a regular stream of prospects to your warm leads list.

As I have realized over the years that there was a issue I begun to develop a solution to the problem.

As apart of my team building and training I have write a eBook for my team as well as anyone else interested in building an MLM business online called, "Beginner Guide to Online prospecting in network marketing".

The role of the eBook was to help and support my doTERRA team and network marketers to build their businesses outside the restraints of the traditional MLM method.


So, if you want to build doTERRA online or any other MLM business and you want to learn the skills required for digital marketing, click on the "Read More" link below and find out more.


This article was published on 03.09.2021 by Steven Jackson
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