The MLM Truth

I was introduced to an MLM Company about 30 years ago. It was the best thing I ever heard in my life. I was super excited. I was going to rich. �Millionaire status is what I called it. The thought of not having a boss was very appealing to me. 

I did everything my company told me to do.

I made a list…

Held meetings at my home…

Begged and pleaded

Paid for memberships

Can you relate?

I got a few people to join

(I think they felt sorry for me)

They didn’t stick around long at all.

It wasn’t long until I ran out of people to share my opportunity with.
I was totally embarrassed because I told my friends and family
 that this opportunity was going to make me a millionaire.

It ended up leaving me with no leads, no sales, and no money.

So I quit...

And I stayed gone for 10 whole years.

But my husband showed me we can do this business online.
That made me excited!!

I turned to Social Media.
I thought with just one or two posts my email would be overflowing with
people wanting to join me or buy my product.

I remember going to my Facebook page to see who was interested.

There was nothing but crickets and tumbleweeds.

I was scratching my head trying to understand why people didn’t want such a great product.
I thought maybe I needed to post more.


So, then I made sure I plastered my product all over Facebook.
Still no interest.

I posted every day relentlessly.
In my mind, I was thinking it’s a numbers game.
In reality, I was the spam QUEEN.

In fact, people started un-friending me and when people saw me in person, they went the other way.

I was DONE!

I returned to the industry after I watched a video that told the honest truth about MLM. And it all made so much sense.

You can make a ton of money in the industry without being extra-ordinary or super smart.

You just need the right plan working for YOU.

My friend Jason breaks it down from A-Z. Once I understood the concept you are about to see, I jumped in head first. 

Check out the Video here ➡️:

To Your Success,

Daria & Willy Legagneur

The New York Power Couple


This article was published on 12.02.2019 by Daria Jackson Legagneur
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