But you have to PICK IT UP AND WORK WITH IT if you want it to work for YOU!

1) Your R50 pm subscription to the C.A.P. Program buys you free registration in SkillSearch with up to 5 "Job" listings in our SkillStore at an average of R10 pm each. You earn 90% of all monies you earn from the sale of your skills and talents, and Profits4Us gets a 10% admin fee. Your income is paid into the Diamond debit card we give you when you register.

2) When you register you are a Customer of Profits4Us, and when you sell C.A.P. Programs to other people, you become a Salesperson and you start earning monthly commissions. As your income increases, you are promoted to Supervisor, Sales Manager and so on within your own Profits4Us Business Module - your own online business, provided for you by Profits4Us, with your own Referral Link so that our software can track your sales and pay you accordingly. All commissions are paid into the Diamond prepaid MasterCard debit card we give you.

Below is an explanation of the 2 Membership options, then examples of what you can potentially earn in our C.A.P. Income Plan.

These are not fictitious figures. They are a simple arithmatical formula. You can follow the calculations here and work them out for yourself.

And they are achievable! All you have to do is to APPLY the formula diligently and consistently, and you can't fail to achieve those incomes.

The subscriptions double up from one status level to the next, and so do the commissions. Therefore, you should register at the highest status level you can afford, and invite your peers to register at the same level as you, or higher.

If everyone does this, your income will be more than double what you would earn from the lowest ranking. Register, learn how the business works and share the good news. When you have 10 people in your Sales Team (possible in 1-2 weeks) your own subscription is covered by your commissions!

For registration instructions, click on the picture of your chosen status level and scroll down. Then click on "Add to Cart" to begin the registration process. Sign up people at the same or higher level than you to earn bigger commissions - for doing the same amount of work.

please join on this link.....

This article was published on 03.08.2016 by Petrus Van Der Schyff
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