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Over 100 Billion apps have been downloaded generating a new world of economic growth totaling $45 Billion. In the next two years, this market is projected to grow to over 268 Billion apps downloaded and generating over $200 Billion in revenue.  GAMES are the star of the show. The top revenue generating apps in the world are Games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Candy Crush, and others. These games see between $500,000 and $1.5 million a day in revenue - with anywhere from 20,000 - 120,000 people downloading the app DAILY. Pokemon Go had 50,000 downloads in just the first 4 hours, which turned into 100 MILLION in just the first 40 days. That means for every one initial player they turned into 2000 more in just 40 days. The difference between us and them? 

1. With us, you get paid to share and play the app.

2. With us, you are playing in real time, not a make believe world where you could cause serious danger to yourself or somebody else.

3. With us, you can chat with your friends through our in-App social media access

4. We'll have several sports launching after the initial launch of NFL, i.e. soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball and many more

5. With us you earn LIFETIME achievement awards that allow you to win great prizes, not just pokey balls, poke eggs or anything else poke related.

United Games is launching a live interactive sports app this fall. What does that mean?  The first sport to be introduced is NFL and you can play along on the app in real time while watching your favorite team. There are 296 MILLION NFL fans in America. Now go back to those numbers I just posted about the number of downloads Pokemon Go had in its first 40 days and imagine if half the NFL fans downloaded this new app and the amount of money it could mean for you as an affiliate. We already have several retired professional players signed up such as Evander Holyfield, Ray Lewis, Fred Jones and Cedric Ceballos to name a few.

The Launch of "United Games" is next month!

The cut-off for new Affiliates is October 10th!

You can not Join, you must be "Invited" by Me!

Join as an AFFILIATE (and make money) or a PLAYER (and win prizes). The choice is yours but make it QUICK!

MESSAGE ME NOW for your special access code. 


This article was published on 22.09.2016 by Kim Day
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