Good News at Hashing Ad Space

It does not matter if you are already a member of Hashing ad Space or not. Rush over there now and start making money for free as a new member, of continue making money for free as an already existing member.

As just announced by the CEO of Hashing Ad Space, Free Ad Minting Continues. This is really good news, as everyone can keep making money for free, without investing a DIME out of pocket. 

All it takes to make money on Hashing Ad Space is: Watch ONE a day. There are lots of advertisers out there that are willing to pay you GOOD MONEY to view their ads (offers). And Hashing Ad space is one of the platforms, where advertisers converge to make that possible. 

Click here now to check it out.

Hashing Ad Space is an Advertising and Income platform, built on the block chain to empower the little guy thrive online. It utilizes its own currency – crypto currency called Azimi. 

During the pre-launch and early launch phases of Hashing Ad Space, everyone could come on board, and start making money minting (watching) ads for free – just ONE ad a day.  

This is an amazing bonus, everyone cherished, as many people made lots of money in Azimi Tokens, which they were able to withdraw and exchange in other currencies, including bitcoin.  

Some, used their Azimi tokens to buy advertising on the platform, and others use theirs to buy staking/minting Packages. The smart ones did all of the above – Withdrew for cash, bought advertising packages as well as Staking/Minting packages. 

As planned, at some point, making money minting ads was to be restricted only to those that owned at least one Staking/Minting package. So, from the 11th, Hashing Ad Space was supposed to be staking only ad minting system. 

Though much work was done over the past weeks to finish several important functions relating to the full operation of the system Hashing Ad Space, there is still much to accomplish. For that reason, Money making (ad minting) for free has been extended for 14 more days.  

That is a huge opportunity to continue to mint Asimi all for free!

Whether you are a free earner or a marketer, this also gives you another 14 days to earn from Hashing Ad Space with others for free, as well as share the Hashing Ad Space opportunity with others, who can also start for free and earn Azimi Tokens for free.

There will be NO MORE free minting on Hashing Ad Space beyond the added 14 days.

So, to continue to earn through minting, Staking will be required. Use the link above in this article to access Hashing Ad Space NOW, for the best ride online, making money.

By the way, did you know that Hashing Ad Space is not the only place online where you could make money for free?

Cryptomonsoon is coming up very powerful and challenging as well. Luckily, the concept is different and at this time of writing, they are still in the ICO phase. It is very cheap to get the Cryptomonsoon CMN Tokens.

Grab some of the tokens now during the ICO, or just register and wait to start making money, when the Cryptomonsoon advertising platform fully goes live after the ICO.  

Cryptomonsoon already has a functioning internal exchange, where you will be able to trade/exchange the CMN against other pairs as soon as the ICO ends.  

Click her now to Access Cryptomonsoon.

Opportunities come and go, but Cryptos have come to stay, so if you are not exploiting every opportunity to making money earning some Cryptos, you are certainly missing out. Please, Do Not Do That!

This article was published on 12.02.2019 by Pete Ade
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