Pet Protector 100% safe for animals and humans


I want to present my business opportunity to all pet owners, pet professionals or to people who love animals, this is a product that repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and all other external parasites including Australian paralysis tick, 96,67% effectiveness, 100% safe for animals, chemical-free and it last for 4 years. The Pet Protector disc uses advanced technology to emit Magnetic and Scalar waves, creating a protective shield around your pets' body and repelling all external parasites, is 100 % odorless. Check the product here . It is free to join and you can get 20 % commission from sales and you receive your own website. If you decide to upgrade to senior the commission will be 30 % plus other benefits.

There are over 36 millions satisfied customers and the shipping is worldwide, so you can sell where you want. You can register here .

Before i register with Pet Protector i did some research about the disc, there are also some bad reviews ( one that really make me smile was : that she did not use the pet protector anymore because she did not saw the shield lol ) but also a lot of good reviews, so i decided to buy the disc, well i need it to know what i am selling no? The most important aspect is that before you put the disc on your pet, he has to be free of fleas, and to keep your pet free of fleas for at least 7 days. After minimum 7 days the disc will start to repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes. Once the Pet Protector disc is attached to your pets collar, NEVER remove the chip or the collar, not when bathing or not seeing your pet’s groomer or veterinarian, if you do the chip will stop working.

 After 3 months using pet protector my pet still has no fleas, and i am happy that i am not using chemicals on him.

P.S maybe i will use a pet protector on me to repel mosquitoes because they really like my blood :))

I will give you for now 4 reasons to join my team today :

1. we are keeping our pets chemical-free

2. every pet owner on the planet needs our product

3. Our product is one of a kind in a $120 billion pet supply market

4. our product is not available in any stores- you are an exclusive representative

Don't just dream about success, make it happen!

This article was published on 23.07.2016 by Daniela Macovei
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