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April 17, 2016 BigSeal media apologizes to MMM, mmm 86

Rodolf Van der Merve of News24 media apologizes to MMM South Africa

After spearheading the blackmail on MMM South Africa being a ponzi scheme and a collapsed scheme on the News24 media platform in South Africa, Rodolf personally made his apology to MMM public in a statement he released. Quoted below is the statement he released.

I hope the public will be able to accept my apology. I didn’t look all the facts before publishing those news articles about MMM. It was premature of me…though I don’t believe in this scheme, all i presented was based on that 100% not knowing that there was 30% growth in which I needed to have done my own investigations about but I was wrong nonetheless.

I am not a person who’s against poverty alleviation plans nor am i a person who is responsible for this social anarchy as some people have labelled me to be. I am a human being just like everyone else.

And as journalists we do commit errors just like the rest of the world.–Rodolf Van der Merve from

South African Media MMM Blackmail played to MMM’s advantage

The official closing of MMM Global- Republic of Bitcoin by the founder Sergey Mavrodi, was used purposely by some hot heads in the media in an attempt to crash MMM. Why would they want to do that? The banks paid the media houses R3 Million according to a long time banking insider to throw dirt on MMM at any chance they get. The banks and loan sharks do not want you to join MMM since they won’t have anyone taking their loans with such high interest rates.

  Media was bought out by Private banks to destroy MMM  

According to the clip above, the bank insider tells us that Private banks and loan sharks are running amok like headless chickens to media houses and throwing in large sums of money to them to blackmail MMM because they losing clients. No one wants a bank loan if they can get help from each other in MMM. Gain financial independence by joining MMM today.

Why Would Media Apologize to MMM?

As we said earlier on our topic ‘media apologizes to MMM’ for blackmail–there is a great reason they did apologize. The reason is mainly that MMM is a ‘Tsunami’–a force/ tidal wave that is 200 Million strong now, globally and has had a lot of success in South Africa and so you better side with this army of good people who are getting their lives changed.

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This article was published on 07.09.2016 by Daniel Ibrahim
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