Easiest Business I've Ever Been Involved in!

So we all know the drill... we join a company, get all excited about the amazing high quality products that will save the world. We start to use them, get pictures, start to brainstorm of all the ways we can get our new passion out there. We dream of the big teams we are going to build, the lives we can change with this marketing opportunity! Yay! People are doing to come in droves.

Then...  after months of selfies, Facebook lives, staged pictures of our products, promotion after promotion. You're spending more on these amazing products than you're earning from them. You may get a few customers here and there. Some people who want the end result but without putting in the work. Everyone wants to get rich "quick"  but doesn't like the idea of "selling". Your dreams of a huge down-lines of productive sellers and team builders start to dwindle, your resilience is being replaced by that "told you so" look from close family and friend. URGH! What happened? Sound familiar?

Yeah...me too. 

Well that company that you "knew" was going to be your ticket to a better life of financial freedom and more time to yourself or with your family could be what I call an energetic precursor to the real thing.  It felt right but just didn't quite hit the spot.  

Enter stage right....Me! I'm Sophia and I failed at selling products!!! I mean...I'm a hairdresser & a former car saleswoman for **** sake, you would think I could sell some high end shampoo! Noooope. It was HARD and ultimately my salon business trumped what I was doing in the MLM arena. UNTIL NOW!

Yes! I can finally say I'm getting success in MLM. I've been involved with my new company now for just over 2 months and wow...just wow. No selling products, getting paid every week and already a team of 15 in just a few short weeks! I didn't even sign anyone up in my first few weeks as I just wanted to "See how it goes.". I get this from everyone now. People not even interested in MLM actually becoming members and then after "Seeing how it goes" start to team build.  It couldn't be easier and this time I KNOW it's the one.  

"Don't worry, Rodney. This time next year, we'll be millionaires!

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This article was published on 24.09.2020 by Sophia Fox-Bonus
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CFX - Investment, 300 USD to join

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