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Introducing SKYWAY

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SkyWay? Transport complex SkyWay (Unitsky String Transport) is an uncommon automobile on steel wheels (traveler – unibus, payload – unitruck, light vehicle with a bike drive – unibike), situated on string rails mounted on supportings. The complex additionally incorporates foundation – stations, terminals, repair workshops, turnout switches, mechanized arrangement of control, wellbeing, power supply and interchanges. Because of high equity and unbending nature of rail-string track structure SkyWay, it is conceivable to create movement velocities of up to 500 km/h. Rail-string tracks can be single-and multi-paths, with track structures situated on joint and

detached backings, and in addition mounted (when a rail vehicle is mounted above onto two string rails) and suspended (when a rail car is suspended beneath maybe a couple string rails). As to transport framework conveying limit and moving stock traveler (payload) limit,

SkyWay is classified into the following classes: ultra-lightweight, lightweight, medium-weight, heavyweight and super-heavyweight. As far as possible, SkyWay can be low-speed (up to 100 km/h), quick (up to 200 km/h), rapid (up to 300 km/h), super fast (up to 400 km/h) and hyper-speed (up to 500 km/h). High movement speeds put to a great degree strict prerequisites on equity and unbending nature.


Skyway is a unique vehicle on steel wheels, situated on string rails mounted in supports

THE PRINCIPLE OF SKYWAY TECHNOLOGY: Innovative mounted and suspended wheeled vehicles work over the

ground on the creative rail and string lifted structure.

Since 2014 Skyway venture is financed by horde of individuals from various nations. More than 500,000 individuals overall as of now bolster skyway venture and more than 80,000 individuals have once put or routinely put resources into skyway venture. If you that you are a pioneer you can manufacture system of speculators or individuals that put stock in skyway venture. On the off chance that you are a framework engineer or a genuine specialist, you can start skyway ventures in your urban communities or nations

At the point when the task is prepared, they won't offer any longer cheap shares like today, so make a move!

Skyway will worth trillions of dollars in a couple of years, glad to get a few shares in this early stage.

$250 in 10times portion will give 35250 shares

$400 in 8 times portion will give 81400 shares

$1000 in 10times portion will give 235000 shares

$1800 in 9 times portion will give 549,000 shares

Each share will worth $1 and will increase in time up to $100.THIS IS HUGE

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