start-up Lesson 2

How are you?? Your Doing Great.. the last lesson was Knowledge? Right? And? Hehe You Can read From My startup lesson 1..... so read my first lesson oN a sTartup lesson part 1

So what i just wanna say. In a business let me tell you the 6 Step on how to talk with your prospect. Or how to do a powerful presentation. 

6 Step On Presentation To attract Your Prospect

1) Smile 

"Allways Smile When You see Your Prospect.. Make them confrtable. The more you smile the more they like you.. the more easy for them to cumunicate with you.

 2:)  Eye Contact

" Always use eye contact with your prospect.    iT be rude! If you telling them an opportunity but you're not looking direct a them. The would feel like you not exist! 

3:) Body Language

"When Talking With Your prospect body language. Is important. Why? Because it wilL produce more aura in every Word that your tellIng them. And it make you more confidance.

4:) think what youre wanna say 

"Alwayss think before making a presentation.   So it bE easy. It's like preparing before going on a war. 

5:) Share them a problem first

"On presntation ask them what is there problem.. tell them your problem. And tell them How did you solve your problem. It about findIng there problem and solving they problem

6:)  Feedback

"A positive feedback can make your customer trust you and you're product & opportunity. 

So that it. Hope it be usefull for you guys that using offLine mArktiNg. ThAnkS for rEading.  

FOr 1 bonus i jUst wAnna sHare to you guys. In a mArkEting they wIll be an obsticale. GUrenteed.. bUt never fOrgEt t tak action. 1 action = 1000 obsticale, 1obsticale = 1000 failure. But they ARe 1 tHing thaT work? Its A sUccess..  sO the moral of sTory iS ACTION."Constanly taking Action. YOU WILL FAIL THATS FOR SURE. BUT YOU WLL SUCCESS THAT YOU WLL GAIN. FAILLING IS THE WORST THING IN YOUR LIFE. BUT GIVING UP ON WHAT YOUR DREAMS IS A REGRET OF YOUR LIFE.  REMEMBER. TO SUCCESS YOU NEED TO LEAVE EVERYTHINGS YOU GOT. LEAVE THE PAST THAT.. HOLING YOU ON. BECAUSE IN LIFE.. YESTARDAY IS A PRESNT. TODAY IS A PAST. TOMMOROW IS A THE FUTURE. SO NEVER RELAY ON YOUR PAST MOVE ON FOR A BETTER FUTURE. SO tHats it for toDAy hOpE IT heLpfuL foR yOU.
This article was published on 05.08.2016 by Mohammad Azri
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